The Best Coincidences That We Couldn’t Make Up If We Tried

Humor and coincidences surround us in life, but usually, it’s just sharing a birthday with someone or liking the same movies. Those are common coincidences in comparison to what these people encountered.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have no words for these pictures that are worth a double take. Of the thousands of men on Tinder, one girl managed to find a strange match. These coincidences are giving us seriously spooky feels.

Taco Bout A Strange Coincidence


Photo credit: 7year / Reddit

These two guys finding each other at a party is fate. In the immortal words of Will Ferrell in Step Brothers, “Did we just become best friends?!”

According to them, they’d never met before and didn’t plan to wear coinciding shirts. We’ll probably never know the full backstory since they obviously didn’t taco bout it.

These Two Trucks Have 10 Grammys

Photo credit: allhailhydra4279 / Imgur

Truck drivers don’t have much to entertain them so they’ll do anything little thing they can to put a smile on their face.

These two truck drivers were definitely talking on their radios and decided to drive together as long as they could. How else would someone have been able to snap this perfect photo?

Not Your Everyday Glitch In The Matrix


Photo credit: L33SA / Reddit

This isn’t a typical glitch. The matrix opened up an alternate timeline for these two couples. Maybe they are star-crossed lovers, meant to be, but never crossing paths.

Either that or both couples have incredible fashion sense and know that pink compliments teal perfectly.

If you thought matching with your childhood next-door neighbor on Tinder was weird, this girl’s Tinder experience coming up takes the cake.

The Only Time A Fortune Cookie Has Been Right

Photo credit: GodPoopsToo / Reddit

Okay, this is just downright spooky. I don’t know what goes on in fortune cookie factories but either this is some factory worked playing a great joke, or fortune cookies might actually be right.

I want to hope it’s the second one since my last fortune cookie said riches were on the way.

Swipe Left Immediately

Photo credit: @breeboyce40 / Twitter

This coincidence is way too close for comfort. Brianna was swiping her life away on Tinder when she came across her ex-boyfriend and saw that they had cropped each other out of their profile photos.

Apparently, the two are on good terms and laughed about it, but it’s still a cringey coincidence.

Two of your favorite video game characters have moved on from the virtual world and landed a strange second career.

He’s Totally Just There To Show Off


Photo credit: I_drink_your_tears / Reddit

This bird landing on a page about itself is the most wholesome coincidence. It probably thought it was a potential mate and was super let down once it realized it was just paper.

Maybe if it hangs out their long enough another bird will get tricked, and they can fly off together into the sunset.

One Hell Of A Sugar Rush

Photo credit: ElDiablue / Imgur

I know about Monster energy drinks, but I’m not sure what “Cookie” stands for. It’s either the worst nickname ever or this sweater was made solely for the joke.

I hope its the second one because then I really respect the effort made by these two.

Looks Like Their Plumbing Careers Went Down The Drain

Photo credit: FAIL8 / Imgur

Oh Mario and Luigi, look how far you’ve fallen. From rescuing princesses on the screens of children around the world, to running a bakery and pizza shop.

This may be the one time in his life that Luigi got the better end of the deal. Pizza, kebabs, and burgers? He’s giving the people what they want.

Matching outfits with a coworker is surprisingly common, but matching outfits with a particular item will haunt one teacher coming up forever.

I Vant You To Donate Your Blood To Me


Photo credit: mykeuk / Reddit

Aren’t vampires supposed to be incredibly smart? You’d think that they would try and be a little less obvious when they roll up to the blood donor clinic.

This vampire is flexing his blood-sucking capabilities so hard that anyone walking by would notice.

If That’s Not A Sign, I Don’t Know What Is

Photo credit: @robinedds / Twitter

You probably didn’t even know about the huge debates surrounding nail-biting. Some say it’s a bad habit and a sign of anxiety, but others say it shows the person’s perfectionism.

Either way, someone died of nail-biting, so perfectionist or not, it might be time to stop the chewing.

Fashion Inspo

Photo credit: jackblk / Imgur

Teachers have it hard enough without their students now ridiculing their fashion and appearance. I feel bad for this teacher. She had no idea what she was getting into when she chose her outfit this day.

Knowing these 16-year-old kids, she’ll probably be labeled “Ms. Pink Highlighter” for the rest of her teaching career.

The next pilot was asking for it when he wore this shirt during a flight.

Someone’s Taking The Game Too Far


Photo credit: LoveOfProfit / Reddit

Okay, this guy was asking for it. You can’t be all that surprised that a bird crashed through your windshield when you’re wearing a shirt making fun of angry birds.

That bird was probably just living up to his new reputation now that everyone thinks all birds are Angry Birds.

These Two Are On A Quest For Fun

Photo credit: lono10c / Reddit

If these two football players have any sense of humor, they will commit to this joke for the rest of their careers.

I need these two to only ever play on the same team and always sit beside each other on the bench. They need to spend every family vacation and Christmas together too.

How To Connect With Your Teenage Daughter

Photo credit: Jaja321 / Reddit

Look, we know being a parent to a teenager can be hard, but dressing like their phone case isn’t the only way to get them to open up to you.

This mom must have tried everything in the book and is down to her last desperate attempt to seem young, hip, and cool.

We bet this hipster cafe coming up gets a lot of confused heavy metal fans stopping in for a latte.

They Saw The Opportunity And Went For It


Photo credit: XmasCarroll / Reddit

I like to think that the owner’s of these two shops didn’t know each other and had already chosen their business names before they happened to move side-by-side.

Also, you know this could only happen in England because a “proper tea” shop would never stay afloat in Texas.

Not The Worst Power Outage

Photo credit: HeathenBarbie / Reddit

When the light’s on signs go out, it’s usually an embarrassing disaster. But this power outage resulted in a perfect coincidence that is probably too good to be true.

Sweet, old, Dolores is a secret marketing genius that must have known people would think her sign is a funny coincidence.

This Cafe Isn’t Afraid To Show Its Wild Side

Photo credit: kratliff89 / Reddit

You don’t have to be a die-hard heavy metal fan to know that the Cru Cafe works perfectly on Motley Lane.

I wonder what items they feature at the cafe? Maybe a Kick Start Your Heart Coffee? Or a Lemon and Lime Live Wire Square. The options are endless.

For All The 12 Year Old Boys Driving By


Photo credit: Imgur

Okay, this can’t be just your everyday coincidence. Either Giant Pharmacy or Dick’s Sporting Goods knew what they were doing.

One of them definitely reached out the other and said, “Hey, I know how to get 12-year-old boys to make their parents notice our billboards.”

Music Lovers Unite

Photo credit: Reddit

This headphone falling gracefully into the shape of a treble clef is a nice change from the usual tangled ball of chords that most of us end up with.

I bet he’s listening to some soft, soothing jazz music. Would the chord turn into a cowboy hat if he played Hank Williams?

You Don’t See That Every Day

Photo credit: ngalfano13 / Reddit

There are a lot of rational reasons why these two cars, same make, and model, with license plates only one number apart, were parked beside each other. They might be company or dealership cars.

But a much more exciting option is that one is a decoy car, and one is a getaway car for a bank robbery.