These Hilarious Sport Signs Need To Go To The Super Bowl ASAP

There’s a lot that goes into a good sports sign. It’s easy enough to jot something down, but it’s tough to break through through and go viral. To be a head-turning sign, you have to catch people’s eye with creativity.

Having interesting colors are important, but it’s more important to be funny. If you have a good one-liner, you’re off to the races. From making fun of individual players, teams or refs, the harder a sign hits their target, the better. With the Super Bowl not too far away, these are some of the best sports signs that we hope to see this year.

I’m Going To Say, No?

hey ref

Aiyana Bridges / Pintrest

Referees in any sport get a bad rep. Think about it, after every game at least one team and one fan base hates the refs.

They’re easy targets because they don’t have a fanbase to back them up even if they make the right call. To say that you need to have thick skin to be a professional ref is a bit of an understatement. This sign is incredibly creative and funny, though.

So. Much. Effort.

pregnant (1)

Chanel Yamaguchi / Pintrest

Let’s break this sign down into two different categories. In terms of the joke itself, it’s really good. It’s probably a 10/10 comedic bit.

Where it goes off the rails is with the coloring and lettering. Why do I need to go into an epileptic shock just to read through these words? I feel like I’m at a night club in Miami and Steve Aoki is about to throw a cake at my face.

The Poor Groom

need balls

ReverendJimi / Imgur

Everyone knows that you’re basically throwing your life away when you get married. Good luck going to a baseball game with the boys without your wife thinking you’re in an Amsterdam brothel.

The least these players can do is give him a few game signed balls to make his serotonin levels rise for the last time in his life. Hopefully, this guy isn’t planning on having kids in the near future.

The Obstructor

the guy behind me

@Failsign / Twitter

No one really talks about the problem with bringing signs to sporting events. The people that are directly behind you get a great view of the barcode the cashier scanned on the back of your poster.

This person realized that, thought about how awful that would be, and then brought one anyway just to make a point. This man needs to be investigated. This has to be the first sign of being a serial killer.

This Is Very Stealthy

hey rangers

Rental Codes / Pintrest

If you have a brother, you know the drama and fights that can occur. You go back and forth between wanting to hurt him, and wanting someone else to hurt him so your parents can’t get you in trouble.

This little brother has the perfect plan. He’s basically putting a hit out on his brother in public. It’s too genius to even be true at this point. The player who hits him might even get all of $5.

Some Things Are Just More Important

call me honey

Andrea / Pintrest

There are very few events that are more important than the birth of your child. Going to an MLB playoff game to support your team is one of those events.

It’s hard to blame him. He could sit around a hospital room for God knows how long. Or, he can go to the game and send out a PSA to his wife telling her to call him when it’s about to go down. No guarantees he leaves, but that’s his decision.

Called Out

too cheap

ReverendJimi / Imgur

If you’re going to a minor league banger between two teams no one has heard of, just buy tickets. If you’re going to the Super Bowl and expected to pay $60,000 for upper bowl tickets, just sneak in.

It’ll be cheaper to pay someone to smuggle you into the arena than it will to actually buy a ticket to the game. Do the classic sit on someone’s shoulders and wear a trench coat if you have to.

Shoot Your Shot

marry me aaron

Be Youngique with Lydsay / Pintrest

If you have a crush on a player you’re going to see, you might as well shoot your shot. What’s the harm? He might ignore you, but so does every other guy at the bar. Okay, KIDDING.

It’s important that Aaron Rodgers knows that she isn’t with the guy beside her. She doesn’t want him to think she’s two-timing him with another guy. It’s a very smart way to get the man of her dreams.

Well, That’s Charming

we sucked

NotZoeWillard / Twitter

These girls just went for it here. It’s important to appreciate the hassle these girls went through. First of all, hiding the sign as you enter the arena, and carrying it around would be incredibly difficult.

Then, being able to put it up against the glass at the perfect time for the Boston Bruins player to see it. It looks like he was loving every second of it, though.

Keeping A Low Profile

thinks im at school

@ScriptOnRoblox / Twitter

If you live your teenage years right, your mom shouldn’t know a lot about it. She might think she knows everything, but in reality, she knows nothing.

This kid told his mom that he was at school, but he’s really halfway across the world in South America watching a soccer game. Let’s just hope that this picture didn’t make its way into his mom’s hands. I think the word “grounded” will be an understatement.

Another Day, Another Ref Attack

refs u need

Geoff Johns / Pintrest

I know I’ve said it before in this article, but the refs get a tough hand dealt to them every game. This sign is extremely creative. First of all, no one likes going to the eye doctor and having to read “one, or two” and then “two or three.”

The perceptions are close together that you end up just lying and hoping for the best. Using an optometrist joke on a ref is original and hilarious.

Extra Motivation

if we win he's

@Cut4 / Twitter

Everyone loves dogs. It doesn’t matter what team you’re on, you want to see a happy dog enter a happy home. This sign is extra motivation for this girl’s team to win and it’s extra motivation for the other team to lose.

The opposing team knows that if they win this game a dog has to at least spend another night alone in a kennel instead of getting pampered by this girl and her family.

“Just Bring Something”

couldn't think

The Game Fan Zone / Pintrest

If this sign was an essay, it’d be the essay that you fell 100 words short of the mandatory word count and needed to fluff up. You just start putting random sentences and words throughout your essay hoping you won’t get caught.

This guy is smart, though. He knew that he couldn’t go to a College Game Day taping and not bring a sign. He had to bring something, so he was just being honest.

Paul Gasol Is A Llama

separated at birth

Olivia Gerebics / Pintrest

In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, everyone seems to forget that Paul Gasol played a huge part. He played Tina, the Llama that Napoleon and his brother have to feed every once in a while.

I don’t know what kind of royalties he’s getting from that movie, but he killed it. Signs like these are not only funny, but they prove that evolution is true. Most of us have apes as our ancestors. Gasol has llamas.

Attack After Attack After Attack

sidney crosby


If there’s anyone in the NHL that can take some verbal abuse from hilarious sports signs, it’s Sidney Crosby. Let’s address the issues at hand here first.

Sleeping with a nightlight is completely normal. You really don’t know if you have monsters living under your bed. In fact, you probably do. Studies show they’re afraid of light so the joke’s on these guys. And, there’s nothing wrong with staying in the shallow end of a pool.

That Takes Talent

hunter pence

Amanda Palmer Thompson / Pintrest

Not going to lie, if this is true about Hunter Pence eating his cereal with a fork, that’s VERY impressive. He’s already a solid baseball player, but the fact that he can get a mouthful of cereal and milk without it spilling through the fork is prophet-like material.

This sign was made as a hit to his intelligence, but at the end of the day, Pence still hasn’t made it public as to whether it works or not.

Aren’t We All?

still drunk

ReverendJimi / Imgur

You have to appreciate signmakers that are honest. Let’s just face it, we’re not always at our best. We might look that we are, but there are times when we’re drunk from the night before and just have to pretend that everything is going ok.

This girl just comes out and tells us all the truth. She’s a Chicago Cubs fan, which means for the 106-year championship drought, she certainly wasn’t the only one getting heavy into the booze.

Shot To The Heart

hunter pence (1)

ReverendJimi / Imgur

This is along the same lines as “sitting when you pee.” There’s this perception that you become less of a man with every extra ingredient and name that you add to your coffee.

We can make fun of Hunter Pence for ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but we can’t, in all honesty, say that they taste bad. Starbucks has coffee that’s perfect for everyone’s taste buds. Yes, even you Kansas City Royals fans.

That’s A Perfectly Fine Thing To Do

tom brady

Ranwithit / Twitter

Look, anyone who shames others for sitting down when they pee is just protecting their own ego. No one wants to admit it, but let’s be honest fellas, we all do it.

When you’re hungover on a Sunday morning and you have to go relieve yourself, you’re not standing up. That just doesn’t happen. You’re sitting on the toilet until you start to get tingly feet. Tom Brady does this too, even though he’s the GOAT.

West Virginiaaaa, Mountain Mamaaaaaa

if you get divorced

Cut4 / Twitter

This hits West Virginia hard. The fact that they even have to answer this question is really funny. The idea that there’s lots of incest happening in the South is a funny stereotype to play off of for sports fans.

Let’s just hope that the whole marrying your sister and brother thing is just a stereotype though, right West Virginia? RIGHT? Just say yes so we can move on from this.