These People Started Out Classy And Ended Up Trashy, And Unfortunately, It’s Garbage Day

We all have a little bit of trash in us, that’s just a fact. Being classy isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. It requires a lot of dedication, hygiene, and self-respect. Frankly, it’s much easier to be trash.

In fact, being classy isn’t even really all it’s cracked up to be. You can’t fart or burp in public, you have to actually do laundry, and you’re not allowed to let duct tape fix everything. Naturally, some people are more garbage than they are human. These are those people.

This Makes Me Sick

Reddit Dip

Reddit / xxyl

When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to find activities that you have in common. It’s more likely for someone who smokes to date someone else who smokes. The same cannot be said about people who chew tobacco.

There’s probably one girl ever who’s actually put in a dip. This girlfriend used the opportunity to relate to her boyfriend and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. He’s murdering his gums with tobacco, and she’s ingesting pure sugar. So heartfelt.

I’m Going To Pass

uber (1)

Reddit / tekkaman11

You order an Uber and this shows up, what do you do? The driver of this truck is probably named Tucker and his mom is also his sister. If this pulls up to me, I’m pretending I’m blind and can’t see anything.

Not only that, I’m going to be the fastest and most precise blind runner of all time when I sprint in the opposite direction of Tucker and his, uh, rig.

This Could Be A Big Business

preggo tests

Reddit / allchohol

I don’t know if she’s been on the TV show Shark Tank yet, but I think this is something the sharks would be interested in. There are very good margins, and it’s cutthroat, which is right up Kevin O’Leary’s alley.

There’s nothing that keeps a relationship together like being forced to love someone because they’re having YOUR baby. It’s really a bulletproof business plan that is going to take off.

He’s Going To Regret That In The Morning


Twitter / @Jarosi09

Can we just talk about this video game explosion? Why are people getting gang tattoos that represent a video game and think is cool?

If you’re going to get a tattoo on your knuckles, you better have ACTUALLY killed at least four people with your bare hands. No, that doesn’t mean that you parachuted into Tilted Towers and mangled a few people. To pull this off without looking like trash, you better have some numbers.

Red Neck Creativity


Reddit / heretik

There’s nothing like some redneck creativity. These inherently trashy people get a bad reputation when they shouldn’t. Sure, they do everyday mundane activities in the nastiest way possible (wait till you see the wedding picture just ahead), but they have a creative mind.

This guy was able to create an impressive tank top with his already used boxer briefs. Don’t show Kanye West this picture because he’ll probably turn this into his next Yeezy collection.

Don’t Spoil The Ending

how to be sexy

Twitter / @pleatedjeans

I feel like this book could be written about a select few people. Yes, women who ride motorcycles may have to deal with bugs in their teeth, but Bear Grylls’s wife probably has to do the same.

No, it’s not because she eats bugs on a regular basis but because her husband does. Yes, the Man vs Wild host literally eats bugs on a regular basis as if they’re the main ingredient in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. There’s no good way to look when you have bugs, sorry.

Shooter’s Shoot

please send nudes

Reddit / oyster_

Sometimes you have to shoot your shot even if the odds are against you. Look, every hero needs to take a few risks in their life. Legends have never been made while you’re in the comfort zone.

If you’re not going to get nudes sent to you the conventional way, you might as well try to put an advertisement out there for the public to see. I feel like this car decal wouldn’t work on any vehicle under $50,000 though.

Who Did Your Tattoo?

i love him to death

Reddit / generic_von_erich

This is not a hit against Hellen Keller whatsoever. She was a paradigm-shifting figure and will be remembered for her brilliance. She happens to be blind and deaf, and it looks like the person who did these tats was both of those AND more.

If you’re going to put something on your body for a lifetime, you might as well make sure that it at least looks like something your four-year-old did. This is three-year-old stuff.

The Perfect Outfit Doesn’t Exi-

jeans jeans

Reddit / HighonGoofballs

If you’re looking in the mirror during the spring or the fall and you don’t know what to wear, look no further than this. Yes, we all face the same issue during those seasons as to whether we want to be too hot or too cold when we go outside.

These half shorts / half pants combination looks like an absolute dream and it’s extremely impressive. She looks like she’s at the perfect body temperature.

It’s A Good Deal

barely used

Reddit / JaelynnPinkLady

There’s a big market for secondhand items. Like, there’s no point in buying a brand new car when there are so many used ones out there. You can easily go to a thrift store and buy an entire wardrobe of brand name clothing and no one would even know.

So, why is there such a fuss about these lashes? Sure, they’re used, but that just adds experience. You always want to have experienced lashes that have seen it all.

True Love Has No Bounds

ankle ankle

Twitter / @fuugythere

If you’re in love, there’s nothing that’s going to be able to keep your separated. Well, unless you’re both on house arrest in different houses, because in that case, you won’t be able to see each other.

But, that’s not the case for this couple. They got house arrest, but they’re in the same house, which means their love will continue to flourish. True love really knows no bounds.

Have People Forgotten That Tattoos Are Forever?

forever and ever

Reddit / FearWolfy

I feel like people forgot that tattoos are permanent. It used to be that people would only get ink after they had thought about their design for months and know that it’s going to be on their skin forever.

I’m going to give these two the benefit of the doubt and say that they were both blackout drunk when they got these tattoos. Let’s just hope this is the case.

Keepin’ It In The Family

mom got married

Twitter / @Stephorz

This mom is an absolute shooter. She wasted no time jumping on (both literally and figuratively) her daughter’s ex-boyfriend after they broke up. This is one of the most savage mom-moves I’ve ever seen and I love it.

Look, she may have lost a daughter, but she gained a sugar baby that’s going to milk her for money and retaliation for his ex-girlfriend dumping him. It seems like a match made in heaven.

A Question No One Is Prepared For

boyfriend's mom

Twitter / @Ed_Buttertoast

There’s a lot of moments and events in life that we’re not prepared for. When someone you know suddenly dies, or when there are health problems in the family, it’s all tragic but there’s at least some precedent to how to handle it.

If your girlfriend starts hooking up with your mom, what do you do? I have a feeling that there are no books out there that coach you through a situation like that.

Wine Mom To The Rescue

wine mommmy

Imgur / Infamousfiend

If you’re a wine mom, or know a wine mom, you’re probably not shocked by this picture. There’s no event or birthday that’s inappropriate to get wine drunk. Funeral? Bring out the Pinot. Your daughter’s seventh birthday? You’d be doing yourself and your daughter a disservice by not chugging that bottle of Merlot.

This mom not only decided to drink a bottle of wine, but she also crushed some Jack Daniels, which is a dangerous combination.

I Have A Few Requests For My Funeral

don't pose

Imgur / rarelygivesupvotes

When I’m about to die, I’m going to have very few restrictions on my funeral. First of all, there will be no crying. Anyone who cries will be forced to chug their drink, it’ll be the first official funeral drinking game.

Secondly, there will be no selfies or pictures posing with my casket. Lastly, can you at least wear Crocs instead of Uggs? Crocs are at least making a comeback.

Doin’ The Dirty


Twitter / @xbuttcheeks420

Nothing says “trash” quite like getting married in the back of a lifted pick-up truck surrounded by mud. Actually, yes, there is, getting married in a camo sleeveless shirt and jeans.

I feel like it’s only right if this groom dives into the water, wrestles a crocodile and then comes up with a catfish. Something tells me that dress isn’t going to be able to stay white for much longer though.

Like Father, Like Son

they grow up so fast


Little kids look up to their parents which is why this picture is so adorable. If your dad is going to wear a house arrest band, then you’re darn right this kid is going to as well.

I think that it’s a little alarming to see that the stroller is outside because dada probably isn’t allowed to be out there. He’s sacrificing a few years in jail for this walk.

Too Little Too Late

lol apology

Imgur / 1jokerman1

There are only a few things in life that are more devastating than finding out your significant other is cheating. Usually an apology right after the cat is out of the bag isn’t good enough.

What makes this girl, who apparently grew up in a trash can, think that a tweet six months after the fact is going to do any good? Shots were fired in that response but they seem very deserved.

Family Helps Family


Imgur / Will-23

Let’s be honest, kids are useless until they can walk, talk, go to the washroom themselves, and be used as a table to roll cigarettes. If you’re standing at the bus stop, you might as well be productive.

This mom is using ALL the abilities and skills that her kids have. He’s just grown into the perfect amount of surface area for the cigarette rolling. It’s a big step. No one is happier about this physical development more than the older brother who gets a break.