Girl Wakes Up To Attend Online Class, Ends Up Flashing Everyone Instead

Girl Wakes Up To Attend Online Class, Ends Up Flashing Everyone Instead

These things happen all the time, don't they?

We all have those days that we think about later in life and feel like drowning in shame for the sheer cringe of it becomes unbearable. And so it happened with this lady who woke up in a hurry to attend an online class and ended up flashing everyone instead.

She wrote about it on Reddit and said:  "Okay, so this happened in the beginning of zoom times, spring semester."


"To preface, I’m in an material sciences class that consists of 80% boys (just me and one other girl). The teacher is also a guy, no surprise. We did our zoom classes at 8, which is VERY early for me so I was really never ready on time."

"Upon waking up at 7:57, I immediately freaked and ran over to my desk, looking like a goddamn hag, and tried to get into the zoom. I still had my pjs on so after I had clicked on the link, I decided to change."

"Also VERY important is that in EVERY SINGLE ONE of the prior meetings, a window has popped up with a camera asking if I wanted to join with video/audio after I clicked the link. EVERY TIME. So being a gullible idiot who thought that Zoom wasn’t a sadistic bitch out the get me, I trusted my prior meetings and took off my shirt quickly to change. I don’t wear a bra when I sleep. And there I fucking was, tits out, in zoom, with the rest of my class."

"I immediately ducked out of the frame and army crawled out of sight while in complete shock. I put a shirt on and contemplated what it would be like to throw myself out a window. I realized the class was mandatory so I returned, camera OFF, and tried not to sink into the depths of shame."

"TL;DR, I was running late to zoom and in my hurry, trusted zoom and flashed my bare tits to my class"

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