Guy Wakes Up At Night, Pees On His Bed, Goes Back To Sleep, Then Posts Online About It

Guy Wakes Up At Night, Pees On His Bed, Goes Back To Sleep, Then Posts Online About It

No one needed to know that!!

It's one thing to have an embarrassing experience and quite another to post about it online. One guy, however, felt compelled to share his story and we wouldn't have bothered with it had it not been this funny! And of course, like many funny stories, this one begins with a few drinks as well. 

He wrote on Reddit: "We’re getting by during the pandemic. Hanging out in the street with our neighbors while all of our kids run around. Having plenty of drinks and making the best of the situation. It’s pretty great. Saturday was mojito night." So far so good.

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He adds: "My wife and I put our kids to bed. I’m drunk, but not a total mess. I went downstairs and had some extra water just to hydrate away the next day’s hangover. We go to sleep." Very responsible, indeed!

He goes on: "1am roles around. I had to take a wicked piss. Got up and did it. I’m in bed a few minutes later. Realize I’m soaked. I was like damn I must have been sweating a lot or something. Then I realize the whole bed is soaked. Apparently I got up to piss, and pissed on the bed instead of in the bathroom. And then got back into bed." Hmm...Too much information!

He continues: "My wife came into our room (she was getting our daughter back to bed after a bad dream). I was feeling around the sheets trying to figure out what happened. She spent a solid 10 minutes explaining I’d definitely peed on our bed. It finally clicked. We both died laughing." Well, thank goodness she found it funny, guess you were really meant for each other!

The guy then goes on to post a picture of the bedspread as well to prove, beyond doubt, that he did pee on the bed and that no one should claim otherwise!

Man pees on bed. (Source: imgur)

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