25 Brutal Memes of Gwyneth Paltrow Whispering “I Wish You Well” to Her Lawsuit Opponent | “Pathos With Sugar on Top”

25 Brutal Memes of Gwyneth Paltrow Whispering “I Wish You Well” to Her Lawsuit Opponent | “Pathos With Sugar on Top”
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Gwyneth Paltrow has been getting the meme treatment from the internet lately, especially after winning the much-publicized case involving a ski accident that occurred in 2016. At the end of the trial, the jurors found that retired optometrist Terry Sanderson was to blame for the skiing collision that sparked the lawsuit. Fortune was in Paltrow's favor and she ended up winning the case. As the actress left the court, she briefly bent down to whisper "I wish you well" to her lawsuit opponent and Sanderson responded with a "thank you." It might have appeared like a nice gesture at a glance but netizens have their own ways of dissecting every situation from a courtroom drama. Trolling the actress started from the time she sported glasses like Jeffrey Dahmer and now jokes about her passive-aggressive remark while leaving the court is doing the rounds. And here are some of the most hilarious interpretations and jokes which sprung out of Paltrow's "I wish you well" to Sanderson.


1. Not all of us are as rich as Paltrow



2. We are all in for a positive outlook


3. She should fit perfectly in Game of Thrones



4. Paltrow's wishes have chilling undertones


5. Paltrow was channeling Daenerys Targaryen



6. Run for your life



7. Courtroom drama reminding us of The Godfather


8. Interesting pathos though



9. No one can stop her passive aggressiveness


10. We are terrified too




11. And they already have the perfect tagline too


12. Paltrow probably packing a gift basket for Sanderson


13. Her inner monologue


14. She can ski carefree now


15. Only tech people can understand this


16. She got her dollar at the end


17. Perhaps she said that


18. Hoping the boss doesn't mind


19. She was channeling Cardi B too


20. The subtext is scary though


21. Paltrow's courtroom theme song


22. Could she have promoted her brand?


23. Maybe she can bag a role as a dowager queen


24. Paltrow is just following traditions


25. The moment reminds me of this horror flick


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