25 Memes That Accurately Capture The World of Chaos That Is Matrimony and Parenthood

25 Memes That Accurately Capture The World of Chaos That Is Matrimony and Parenthood
Cover Image Source: Instagram | spicydisastermama

If "till death do us part" came with the "kids will drive you nuts" disclaimer, what's the probability of couples making it official? The marriage card is a direct invitation to the adventure called parenthood, while few sail through, most drown without a life jacket. 


Those barely surviving have found solace in an Instagram community page called 'The Spicy Disaster Mama,' and are taking frequent humor pills to stay sane. Even those who make it look easy fight hidden battles. Matrimony is a long-term project, and parenthood is both a reward and a trial. One hell-raiser kid is enough to make you mad, but with every new addition to the family, the chaos doubles. Those experienced in these fields often give advice and suggestions that mostly nobody follows.


Instead, they should send memes and jokes because unsolicited advice is unwanted, but laughter is the balm to even life-threatening diseases. 

The Instagram page, run by a mama based in California accurately depicts the daily struggle of marriage and parenthood, one meme at a time. Her jokes are raw, unfiltered, and always hit the right chord. The account has more than 83k followers. We might not be able to carry the burden of matrimony and parenthood from your worn-out shoulders, but we assure to make you laugh with the 25 memes handpicked to suit your situation. Grab the popcorn and tissues, and scroll through the list. 


1. SIGH!



2. Smash the patriarchy




3. Best kind of intoxication




4. Guide to manners



5. Real Talk




6. Anxiety and Motherhood are synonyms



7. Ancient times




8. Well played, little one.



9. "Husband's last words"



10. Times have changed



11. Best life



12. Just mama's life



13. How to not raise a****les



14. Gone are the days



15. Treasures



16. Your thirties



17. Cherish every moment



18. Love-Hate



19. It's tough.



20. Not fair.



21. Million Dollar Idea



22. Moms need break too



23. What's yours?



24. Literally choking



25. Kudos to the parents


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 Here are 25 disaster mama parenthood memes