25 Of the Most Awkward Dating App Conversations That Had Us Spitting Our Drink

25 Of the Most Awkward Dating App Conversations That Had Us Spitting Our Drink
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Overheard Dating

Online dating has made it easier for people to meet and get to know each other...or so we think. It is nothing but a game of two people attempting to get to know each other based solely on a profile picture and a brief bio. It's undoubtedly a never-ending source of awkward conversation. The Overheard Dating Instagram account took the responsibility of collecting all of the amusing, awkward, and strange conversations that people have had while texting a potential partner. Now, we take the responsibility of picking the best and the most amusing of awkward conversations people had on dating apps just for you to either enjoy or take notes from, or perhaps both. Here is a list of conversations you'd like to swipe left on and some amusement for you to swipe right on. 




1. Compliment?



2. Ikea who?


3. Tried and tested



4. Temperature  is important


5. Standards beneath the Earth



6. A ghost story


7. Oxygen Potassium, Tungsten Oxygen Tungsten



8. Super high


9. No crocs, please!



10. False advertisement


11. French cat sounds



12. Why Thursdays?


13. Should have forwarded those...


14. Kombucha maybe?


15. Not on the same page


16. Bold of you to be bald


17. Very important dreams


18. Still finding Dory...


19. Great stand up dude 


20. Called the ambulance


21. Accusing first impression


22. It's been 1107 days


23. Not weird at all


24. Don't get tuberculosis


25. Some of them just aren't good conversationalists 


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