25 Woefully Funny Tweets by Parents About the Pangs of Parenting | “Catching the Fifth Cold of the School Year”

25 Woefully Funny Tweets by Parents About the Pangs of Parenting | “Catching the Fifth Cold of the School Year”
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Parents love their kids and ensure to give them the best of everything but they just can't deny that raising a kid is no child's play. The baby's crying keeps parents up all night or awakens them at the crack of dawn. So for all the new moms and dads out there and for all those who just need a good laugh, here are some of the best tweets by parents who are ranting their hearts out about how parenting duties have worn them down.


1. Kids have complicated reasons to shed tears for



2. It's going to be a long winter


3. Experimental parenting style



4. Education is expensive these days



5. The diet choices of kids baffle me


6. Kids are smarter than you think



7. Best birth control commercial ever


8. Not everybody wants to have a chat over the phone



9. Teens have a lot of curiosities


10. Sneezes are not meant for sharing



11. Guess we need to study quantum physics for it 


12. Interesting choice of meals


13. Try a different method to feed them fruits


14. When other kids' parents have fun at your expense


15. Literally the worst news to wake up to


16. No thanks I do not want to hold any of your bodily fluids


17. They better make all the lids childproof


18. Their moms are always their favorites


19. It's mandatory to pay attention to the lectures


20. It's really difficult putting them to sleep


21. And then your kids start bawling their eyes out


22. Every damn time


23. If it works, then it works


24. That pain is nothing compared to being a mom


25. Better take up necromancy instead


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