25 Times Animals Were Caught in Hilariously Awkward Situations | “A Doggo Giving the Biggest AWOO He Had in Him”

25 Times Animals Were Caught in Hilariously Awkward Situations | “A Doggo Giving the Biggest AWOO He Had in Him”
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Awkward Animals

You can have a love-and-hate relationship with social media but there is no way you can dislike memes about animals on the internet. There has been a steady rise in the number of pet content creators who love to display the humorous side of being a pet parent and how adorable their fur babies are. But all the side-splitting animal memes are not just limited to content creators who capture sweet moments with their pets to post them online. People also tend to post their random encounters with animals and they make for the most unique humorous content. We have discovered a fantastic page whose curators dedicate their time to assemble quality pictures and memes of animals engrossed in weird and awkward jolly activities. From a dog that is too lazy to move indoors when it's raining to a goat that loves to float, there is seemingly no limit to the crazy antics of these animals. So here are some of the most rib-tickling images from the Facebook page which is aptly named Awkward Animals and they are guaranteed to make you wonder what exactly these creatures were thinking.


1. The cold never bothered him anyway



2. Full blown existential crisis looks like this


3. You gotta start walking yourself



4. Your personal cleaning staff


5. As many nuggets he could fit in



6. The cat might be the owner of the deer



7. Might be some technical error in this dog


8. He is heavily regretting his decisions



9. That is an adorable potato


10. The doggo owned the moment



11. What brand of highlighter is this dog wearing?


12. He is lowkey inviting you for a 'bite'


13. Looks like the goat is having a chill time


14. They literally go berserk


15. How to judge humans like a boss


16. This collie opted for a remote working position


17. Happens every damn time


18. Better do milk deals than drug deals


19. A streetside buddy wearing the same collar


20. Hedgehog looks right at home


21. The whole village assembled


22. Do they have a replacement tire?


23. This dog could be a super spy


24. They have zero sense of privacy


25. The cat looks traumatized


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