These 25 Memes on King Charles' Coronation Hilariously Sum up the Royal Event | "Princess Anne Ready to Defeat Napoleon"

These 25 Memes on King Charles' Coronation Hilariously Sum up the Royal Event | "Princess Anne Ready to Defeat Napoleon"
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The royal event of the year finally arrived and King Charles III and Queen Camilla were crowned on a historic day witnessed by countless people across the globe. A huge mass of people gathered to celebrate in front of the Buckingham Palace. Despite the rain, thousands of people packed the venue following a religious coronation service at Westminster Abbey and a massive procession across London on May 6, 2023, reports BBC. As the RAF Red Arrows painted the sky red, white, and blue, the King and Queen waved from the Palace's balcony. The two-hour event was attended by some 2,300 people inside the abbey which boasted high-profile guests like Katy Perry, Jill Biden and many more artists and royal families from other countries. The media was particularly curious to see some sort of drama unfold upon the arrival of Prince Harry who came from California without his wife Meghan Markle and their two children. Not all of us were invited to the royal event but since the meme creators have access to the internet, we could witness the coronation ceremony sparking a barrage of memes on social media, poking fun at various silly moments from the grand event. Here are 25 of the most hilarious instances from the ceremony which are definitely going to make you crack up even though you didn't attend the coronation bash.


1. She is always ready with a plan



2. Imagine saying that your grandpa is a king


3. It must be an exquisite buffet



4. Maybe you can become the next queen


5. We can relate to the little prince



6. Somebody please give her an award



7. It's probably burning right now


8. Keep the backup Camilla ready



9. She is prepared for anything and everything


10. Time to vote for the best dressed


11. That's a much better-looking crown



12. Imagine being jobless for that long


13. Sausage fingers are back


14. This will be recorded in history forever anyway


15. Must stay updated with the memes


16. She is done waving the flag for hours


17. He is going to catch a flight ASAP


18. King Charles vs. Freddie Mercury


19. Damn, what was that?


20. Oh no! Not the memoir


21. King Charles, the food critic


22. It's a complicated game of chess


23. We wonder what was on the royal menu


24. No special seat for Katy Perry


25. And he still didn't learn his lines


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 Hilarious memes on the coronation of King Charles