25 Hilarious Vaccine "Side-Effect" Tweets That'll Leave You Shaking With Laughter

25 Hilarious Vaccine "Side-Effect" Tweets That'll Leave You Shaking With Laughter
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Say what you may about their thoughts on lifesaving vaccines, but you've got to admit anti-vaxxers are pretty creative when it comes to pushing their cause. One example of this is a video from 2021 that allegedly shows a woman violently shaking after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Although debunked by multiple publications, the clip has now once again resurfaced on social media as a supposed cautionary tale. Despite the CDC clearly stating that the side effects of the vaccine don't include spasming or shaking, many continue to post videos suggesting it to be one of the side effects. 


"URGENT— Angelia, 45, a healthcare worker was mandated to take Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, 3 days later paralyzed from legs down, followed by severe convulsions and seizures, can no longer, clean, cook, drive a car, requires full-time caretaker, 'I'm a prisoner in my own home,'" reads a tweet shared by the Twitter account @healthbyjames on January 20 which features the same video.


The incredulous video and the intense tale spun around it inspired many on social media to make parody versions of the tweet and share videos of people having fake convulsions and dancing as a supposed side-effect of the vaccine.


Here are 25 of the funniest parodies we found:

1. He's got moves


2. Better keep him lifted



3. Not Rihanna... Nooo


4. Can't stop shakin'



5. Icon(ic) shimmy


6. He needs to wrist



7. Bless that cart 


8. Turkish ice cream isn't the only thing on fire 



9. Risen from the dead


10. The vaccine boosted him for sure




11. Such a struggle



12. Thank you, Pfizer 


13. Side effects of a flash mob 


14. Someone save this kitten


15. She's trying to be lit


16. A rocking show of side effects


17. Right on beat


18. Will taking the vaccine make me a superhero?


19. I'll have a dose of that 


20. Pray for the glass


21. Clap it away 


22. Punching it down


23. Side effects be causing jams


24. Those moves are a crime


25. Look what happened 


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