25 Times People Were Caught Doing Bizarrely Idiotic Things on Camera And Made Us Roar With Laughter

25 Times People Were Caught Doing Bizarrely Idiotic Things on Camera And Made Us Roar With Laughter
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @cctvidiots

There is always a bunch of people who will do weird things just to garner attention and then get into trouble. Despite being aware of the risks their actions hold, these individuals seemingly care about nothing. The proof of their idiocy wouldn't have been recorded if we didn't have cameras. But streets, shops and homes are fitted with CCTV cameras these days.


Most of the time, the stupid ideas and their execution are caught on a surveillance camera or are simply filmed by some onlooker on their phone cameras and shared on the internet. Otherwise, these idiotic actions are so bizarre that nobody would have believed in their occurrence. Today, we have stumbled upon the Twitter and Instagram pages of @cctvidiots who dedicate their time to curating some of the most nonsensical and hilarious videos that have ever been captured on camera. So, scroll through and have fun marveling at these people's stupidity.


1. When cows are beefing with one another


2. Is this Scooby Doo's live-action movie?



3. He wanted to kick the ball so bad


4. Karma served the kid well



5. The liquor helped him numb the pain



6. Went too far to fish


7. Never try to kick failed objects



8. The kid was born a hero


9. He was probably trying to get a trick shot



10. Don't let this guy in the gym again



11. Crashed before landing


12. It was his first day at the job


13. Slipping on your own mistakes


14. Poor guy just wanted to eat his watermelon


15. Moms will always be moms


16. Congratulation on the broken neck


17. He thought he was smart enough


18. The tree was in the flight path


19. There was clearly a barrier


20. An accident waiting to happen


21. We hope he went viral for this


22. A good samaritan is here to help


23. A moment of confusion can ruin everything


24. He totally deserved that


25. Dude thought he was Spiderman for a moment


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