25 Pictures That Are Freakishly Funny Even Without Context

25 Pictures That Are Freakishly Funny Even Without Context
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Images with No Context

We usually need context to make sense of everything and anything. Context helps us make sense of the world around us including the random pictures we come across on the internet. Without context, we will be left scratching our heads trying to understand something and the purpose behind it. However, there exists a Facebook page called Images With No Context which is solely dedicated to posting...well, images without any context. So let’s confuse ourselves with a bunch of random, chaotic and plain weird images from this page which definitely qualify as quality memes.


1. Portal to another world perhaps?



2. Spot the imposter among the peppers


3. Just following the instructions in order to defy gravity



4. We are trying to find the 9 to dial


5. Must ensure the banana's safety



6. Mashed potatoes are having a bad day



7. Not sure if a laundry basket is a good fuel container


8. Maybe he is the "chairman" of a company



9. Who is "celebrating" them though?


10. Covid can't touch this cat



11. Why would you put braille on it??


12. What is getting cooked anyway?


13. Fresh milk, straight from the cow


14. We are tired too, buddy



15. From depressed and overworked to being depressed and broke


16. Lava barbeque is pretty normal


17. What if you spot it at the end of your stairs


18. That is a torture chamber perhaps


19. Favorite cups and plates of Wednesday Addams


20. Getting baptized during the pandemic like:


21. Best of luck to the one who got "praganant"


22. Chickens want some TV time too


23. Imagine trying to explain this to anyone


24. Just in case you need to take a dump while climbing a tree


25. Is this an organic mouse?


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