25 Funny Memes That Sum up the Woes of Working in Films | “Locations, We Need High Tide for Another Hour”

25 Funny Memes That Sum up the Woes of Working in Films | “Locations, We Need High Tide for Another Hour”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @filmmaker.meme

The film industry is a ruthless place. It's difficult to get a break in the industry and even more difficult to handle the stress that comes after becoming part of the film crew. Whether you are in front of the camera or behind it, the higher you climb in the production unit, the more demanding your job becomes. People working in a film crew often complain about starting early morning shifts and working late hours, editors drag themselves through tiresome hours in order to perfect the final cut and directors have a tough time juggling schedules and getting the best out of crew members. The only silver lining seems to be the delicious food served through the on-set catering service. These are some of the common struggles faced by the people working in this harsh industry. So, before you make up your mind to choose the filmmaker's life, it's better to scroll through these humorous behind-the-scene struggles of being part of a film crew shared on the Instagram page of @filmmaker.memes. They will surely inform you about what to expect when you enter the film industry and make you chuckle hard.


1. When it takes overnight to export your edits



2. Only Tarantino fans can understand this


3. Editors don't have fun at their jobs



4. Beautiful cinematography can fix anything


5. No mercy on the crew members



6. Director tries to steal your thunder



7. Location managers have a tough life


8. Best to stay behind the scenes



9. British actors always do better


10. Everyone considers them a baby



11. Is it called range?



12. Only motivation to wake up early for the job


13. Fancy air vents in movies


14. Finding the right music is the toughest thing


15. They are straining their single eye for a great shot


16. Chad theater actors versus rookie film actors


17. Pretty much sums up the entire film crew


18. Hans Zimmer doesn't believe in normal movie scores


19. Pure cinematic brilliance


20. Then the director yells cut


21. Pixar's overworked employees


22. Pretty sure they went for a second date


23. It's tough to get up for a 6 a.m. job


24. Snyder and his slow-motion shots


25. Indie producer's biggest nightmare


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