25 Ingenious and Budget-Friendly Costume Ideas for Your Next Cosplay Party

25 Ingenious and Budget-Friendly Costume Ideas for Your Next Cosplay Party
Cover Image Source: Instagram | lowcostcosplayth

Lonelyman or @lowcostcosplayth on Instagram who is talented, creative and outright ingenious has made Cosplay parties easier than ever. The cosplay social media star Anucha 'Cha' Saengchart is a master creator of inexpensive, almost zero-money ensembles. 


The social media star hails from Bangkok, Thailand, and runs a Facebook page under the same name. His artistic abilities impressed people because he uses everyday stuff to create masterpieces. He models for his posts and metamorphoses himself into any character he wishes to. His thrifty costumes are so bad yet so brilliant. Since Saengchart began his creative pursuit in 2013, he has covered almost every character or costume, from popular anime to iconic Disney characters—all the way to American action blockbusters. 


The artist's day job is as a caretaker for the elderly. Saengchart creates the costumes using bath towels, tape, flour, markers and paints to create his looks. His pocket-friendly choice of materials impressed the internet. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global cosplay costumes market was estimated at $4.62 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit $23 billion by 2030. Woah. But not everyone prefers to create a hole in their pocket for a day's event. The man deserves applause. So we have handpicked his 25 most ingeniously unhinged costumes. You'll be amazed to see his masterpieces which are impressive yet horrendous.



1. Lord Voldemort




2. The viral Red Boots 



3. Mastermind




4. Hilarious




5. Similar much?



6. The Little Mermaid




7. Low-budget model




8. Ingenious



9. *Mind Blown*



10. Woah!



11. Imagination



12. LOL



13. Kitty. Kitty.



14. Bravo



15. The Rock



16. Winnie The Pooh



17. Kudos man



18. So sporty



19. Ingenious yet bizarre



20. What a banana!!



21. WOW!



22. Creepy



23. Shrimp



24. Full chicken



25. Exceptional


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 Ingenious and low-budget Cosplay costume ideas