25 Insane Yearbook Quotes to Relive the High School Drama | “My Ears Give Out Better Signal Than the School WI-FI”

25 Insane Yearbook Quotes to Relive the High School Drama | “My Ears Give Out Better Signal Than the School WI-FI”
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What could probably go wrong on a graduation day? Coming face-to-face with your class enemy, parents oversharing information with your girlfriend, you nervously tripping on stage, or worse still, coming home with a yearbook that will give you cringe-worthy laughs for years to come.


Leaving school and friends is not the best feeling and nostalgia hits hard. When it's time to leave all the high school drama behind to chase new horizons, students let loose and pour their hearts out in their yearbook quotes. Some students take the emotional route while others let their humor shine, creating a lasting impression. Hence, yearbooks and their quotes are extra special.  


"According to a survey conducted by Jostens, a leading provider of yearbook products, 90% of high school seniors say that yearbook quotes are an essential part of the yearbook experience," per everydaypower.com. Whether you graduated this year, five years back, or decades ago, the word 'yearbook' brings bittersweet memories. The yearbook has so many things—the golden words inscribed under bright faces, mates bragging about their accomplishments and the quiet kid surprising everyone with their hidden wit.


A Twitter account, @Insane Yearbook Quotes celebrates all high schoolers through a collection of yearbook quotes, and here are 25 hilarious, outright lame, and witty yearbook quotes from the page to indulge in high school drama again. 

1. Of course, it is.




2. Hahaha



3. LOL




4. Priorities 




5. OOPS!



6. Garbage can







8. Real



9. Legend



10. Bwahaha



11. Cheater's win



12. We feel you



13. Kanye is right



14. Hilarious



15. Poor thing



16. Copy+Paste



17. True brother



18. Great advice



19. Blame the burgers



20. No one believed



21. OK



22. Smart



23. Fact



24. As you sow so you reap



25. Ah! Life


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