The 25 Weirdest Things That We Did During the Pandemic That Would Like to Forget About | “Toilet Paper Hoarding”

The 25 Weirdest Things That We Did During the Pandemic That Would Like to Forget About | “Toilet Paper Hoarding”
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The year 2021 (the second year of the pandemic) doesn't seem like a very long time ago but it strangely also doesn't seem like it existed. People recalled the weirdest incidents that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic when Reddit user u/thenostalgiabird wondered, "What was the weirdest part of the pandemic?"  Many people had forgotten the doomed days while others couldn't help living through them again. Here are 25 responses that sum up our unbelievable early pandemic experiences. 


1. 2021 Who?

"My sense of time was skewed. 2020 blended into early 2022. I still have to think twice about when certain events happened." -u/akmountainbiker

2. Baptizing from a distance 

"The photo of the priest baptizing a baby from a distance with a water pistol. Pure absurdity." -u/Delexasaurus

3. Groceries from high end restaurants 

"I remember some of the restaurants near me started selling groceries during lockdown. It was so weird walking past a high end restaurant known for its oysters only to see stacks of toilet paper, six packs of beer, non perishable foods, etc in its windows." -u/Fickle_Flounder3929

4. Milk from McDonald's 

"I bought a 2 litre bottle of milk from the McDonald's drive-through." -u/per08

5. Nature growing again 

"How the wildlife started walking through towns as soon as the stay at home orders took full effect." -u/Streuth14

6. Alone in the train 

"In the very early days, the city was just empty. There was no on walking down the street, no cars, no one on the subway. There were times when I was literally the only person on an entire train. Not just the car I was in, THE WHOLE TRAIN." -u/Tchefy

7. 3 months or 20 years 

"I'm still not sure if it's been like 3 months or 20 years since it happened" -u/SimpoKaiba

8. Historical event energy 

"Lots of 'I really wish I weren't living through a major historical event' meme energy with the back to back ripple of international/domestic chaos in the US and my mind's lumped all of it in this void of the long 2020. And now we're somehow here in a 'post-pandemic' timeline." -u/onestarof1001

9. Zoom parties 

"Any type of 'party' on Zoom." - u/blurryface2221

10. Weird level of intimacy 

"Dude, I got invited to a Zoom happy hour and watching all your coworkers get wine drunk in their pajamas in their living rooms was a level of intimacy I could have done without." -u/Waitingonacoffin

11. Weird commercials

"Pretty much every commercial kept reminding us we were 'living in unprecedented times' for a few months and I HATED IT." -u/ahnyaa

12. DIY masks 

"When people first started wearing masks and they were sold out everywhere so people had to improvise and create their own mask with weird random supplies from home." -u/NicoleWhiles

13. Weird offenses 

"L.A. filling an outdoor skate park with sand and arresting someone for swimming all by themselves in the ocean." -u/cmkeller62

14. Standing on the sticker 

"Waiting in a lineup outside of the grocery store. Everyone had to stand on a sticker to stay properly distanced from one another and security would wait until someone left before letting another person inside. No such thing as a 'quick shop' during those times." -u/Cat-Mama_2

15. Wild Lysol-ing 

" In those days, it was a huge deal going to the store. Masking up, walking around inside like it was the f**king end of times...Coming home and lysol-ing everything. Just wild." -u/acyland

16. Hoarding 

"Toilet paper hoarding" -u/red_west_la

17. Bad candles 

"My personal favorite was how every time there was a Covid spike, a bunch of candles online would suddenly get a hundreds of 1 star reviews because the candle didn't smell like anything." -u/Ohhrubyy

18. Covid symptoms 

"A fun game I started playing was googling 'is blank a covid symptom?' It all started when I had the hiccups and could not get rid of them. For some reason googled hiccups and Covid and convinced myself I definitely had Covid" -u/123518937

19. Capitalism is the agenda 

"How all these companies that ABSOLUTELY couldn't offer flexible working, suddenly just could. And now they want you to believe that they can't again..." -u/Will-this-do

20. Binge phase 

"Playing animal crossing for 12 hours a day." -u/Cold_Ear6969

21. Uninspiring 

"When a bunch of celebrities sang a John Lennon song thinking it'd inspire people or some shit." -u/xX_420DemonLord69_Xx

22. Weird looks 

"I was so afraid of sneezing and coughing in public spaces 'cause people normally started to give you some weird looks." -u/cheynnr20

23. The crazy baking 

"The alcohol distilleries that turned into hand sanitizer manufacturers almost overnight. I regret not grabbing that obvious vodka bottle which was filled and labeled as hand sanitizer,at the gas station back in 2020.
It was cool to see all the trends too. Like we all started baking bread and riding a bicycle. It was cute." -u/MagicManicPanic

24. Wrong way 

"The funniest part about that to me was how people were so proud about going the 'wrong' way, wearing their mask under their mouth and making eye contact with every person wearing a mask correctly like their last stand for American freedom was about to go down at the Safeway." -u/punitive_tourniquet

25. Sad truth 

"Being an essential worker and earning less than people who were being paid to sit at home" -u/spatchi14

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