25 Iconic Keanu Reeves Memes for Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Him

25 Iconic Keanu Reeves Memes for Those Who Can’t Get Enough of Him
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There is no doubt that Keanu Reeves is one of the most loved actors on this planet and a wholesome human being. From his secret charity work to his humble lifestyle, Reeves has won the hearts of millions. The 58-year-old actor who is currently starring in the fourth John Wick film has been breaking records worldwide with a $73.5 million box office collection in its opening weekend, as per Variety. And predictably enough, there has been a steady rise in the popularity of Reeves' memes on the internet. So, we have rounded up the best-of-the-best iconic memes of Keanu Reeves from across the internet to honor his "breathtaking" personality.


1. This will forever be iconic



2. Keanu reminds us to be respectful


3. Pretty accurate



4. Just when you thought he couldn't get more wholesome


5. Saddest pizza-eating ever



6. The wise tumbleweed



7. Everything is a weapon for John Wick


8. Mutual feeling of every working professional



9. The easiest way to kidnap Keanu fans


10. Keanu is more important than your love life



11. No mercy to the spider


12. Possibly!


13. The chip packets are pure scam


14. Real Keanu in the front looks baffled


15. Is Keanu Jesus?


16. What Keanu fans will do as a millionaire


17. This is relatable to all of us


18. Taking wise lessons from Neo


19. His memes are eternal


20. He is always in demand


21. Takes special powers to fix WiFi


22. He will drive himself to Area 51


23. The iconic shocked Keanu meme


24. Proof that he is immortal


25. He is right though


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