14 NEW Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Significantly Better

by Tim K

Each of us carries around a toolbox of information and skills through this world. Whether we think about it much or not, this toolbox is critical to making the best of our time and, in turn, our lives. These lifehacks are essential for the expediting any project you have!

That’s why every now and then, it’s crucial to load up that toolbox with NEW tools!

Check Out These 14 NEW Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Way Better:

1. Don’t Get Stuck!

How To Jumpstart A Car

2. Google Better! Now!!!

How To Use Google Effectively

3. Save Your Pup!

How To Save A Choking Dog

4. Cook Better…

These Kitchen Cheat Sheets

5. What Does That Shit Mean? Find Out!

What Each Car Dashboard Light Means

6. In Case You Gotta Tie Someone Up!

How To Tie The Bowline Knot

7. For Pajamas, Regular Pants, Etc.

How To Sew On A Button

8. Don’t Smell Like Shit!

What The Symbols On Your Clothing Mean

9. For When You’re Super Excited!

How To Break Down A Door

10. Put Your Top Hat On Your Groin!

How To Use The Public Restroom Like A Gentleman

11. Looks Like Basically, Red = Done!

How Well Your Steak Is Cooked

12. Don’t Nap Like A Moron!

How To Make The Most Of A Nap

13. Sounds Like It’s The Same For Everyone!

Recommended Amount Of Times To Wear Clothes Between Washes

14. Be MORE Like The Penguin! In All Ways!

How To Walk On Ice

So awesome. Who else is ready to get out there and crush it with these new tips?! Hell yes! Goodbye.

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