20 Of The Funniest Signs You’ll See Today

by TheDuder95

Have you ever seen signs that are either completely dumbfounding or utterly hilarious? If not, then the subreddit r/FunnySigns is the place for you. People from all over the world gather in this hilarious corner of reddit to post hilarious photos of signs they spot in the wild.

Check out some of the funniest signs submitted to this subreddit in the gallery below!

He’s just being super effective with his time.

Hey we’re saving those tabs for later!

Guess that checks out.

This place is not messing around. Guess the reviewer was named Karen?

Yeah they definitely need some help. That’s for sure.

Unsure what they think of the new iPhone cameras though.

It’s about time.

Who needs a fancy, expensive earthquake detection system when googly eyes will do the trick?

Small businesses just can’t compete with Amazon’s prices, not even when it comes to sponsoring little league teams.

Yet another reason why dogs rule.

Look, he probably didn’t mean to back his forklift into the break room. Joe is just clumsy!

Better to just keep things simple.

Hadn’t heard about #5 but guess we’ll have to look into it.

Nothing will ever stop a stubborn man. Not even fear of death. Props!

Just add this one to the list.

It’s about damn time. That’s all we’ve got to say.

Cherish the people that you love.

First rule of adopting a Roomba. Once you lose them, you might never get them back.

You never know what people might be going through.

McGruff the Crime Dog was a traitor to his breed.