Big Bird Has Cousins In Other Countries And They Look Awesome

by Gorman
abelardo big bird

Sesame Street is the classic American children’s show. However, it also appears to be extremely popular in literally every other country. It’s just that good! Therefore, the Sesame Workshop has developed many different versions of Sesame Street in different countries! They have a lot of the main stays and crowd pleasers: Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, etc. Unfortunately, Big Bird can’t make it around the world all the time. That doesn’t matter though, because he has a huge ass family.

Big Bird’s cousins take center stage in Sesame Streets across the globe. Here are a few of our faves.

This is Abelardo. Abelardo is Big Bird’s cousin from Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican version of Sesame Street. Abelardo is an incredible name.

They're actually his cousins, but whatever

This is Pino. Pino is from the Dutch language version of Sesame Street, called Sesamstraat. Pino is also an enormous bird.


Holy shit, right? Look at this guy. This is Garibaldo, which is also an incredible name. Garibaldo is the star of  Vila Sésamo, which broadcasts in Brazil. He is terrifying.

There are a lot of insane muppets that you probably have never even heard of, but these are a few very good ones. If you want to read more stuff you can click here!