Clean Freaks Beware! 15 Customized Household Accessories That Would Be A Nightmare To Wash

by Gorman

If you’re anything like us here at Men’s Humor, you try and make the task of cleaning as short and simple as possible. This is probably why men love stainless steel so much. Anyhoo, the idea of cleaning something intricate and involved is enough to instigate a category 5 headache. With that in mind, behold these awful objects that look like an ever-loving nightmare to keep neat. Clean freaks, beware!

1. Table For None

Amber Diffey

Check, please!

2. Child Proof

Shawn Tucker

At least you won’t have to worry about letting your kids play around it.

3. Just Like The Great Outdoors

Lauren Churchill

Just like an outdoor hot spring, except you have to clean it!

4. Odds And Ends And Stairs

Tarush Mohanti

The art of making stairs harder to clean.

5. Fur Loose

Sarah Azevedo

Hopefully it doesn’t rain anywhere near these shoes.

6. Gross Riff

Mateus Vieira

Guitars get dirty too, especially when you’re making the ladies drool.

7. Whine Drinker

Milla Marguerite

You have to be effing kidding me.

8. Cozy!

Maria Júlia

This wins the ugliest thing in the universe award. Highly coveted prize.

9. Seems Counter-Productive

Tooru Oikawa 

Bad joke. Bad sink.

10. They Should Match The Drapes

Megan Moncado

This is a perfect place to hide your mistress.

11. Face Bowl

Georgia Neave

The eyes have it.

12. Bug Car

Sebastián S. Aguilar

This is the coolest car in the world, but it will not withstand the pressure of a deep wash.

13. Bookish

Manuela Betti

Books are dusty AF. The smell might be nice on its own, but no one wants to sleep in that. Or clean it.

14. Bun In The Radiator

Mary Quigg

This is for warming bread, I guess. Seems toxic.

15. Hideous Mug

Caitlin Nicole

Holy moly, look at this thing? Some kid got carried away in art class. When will they teach our children the principles of modernism?

Well, we’re glad we don’t have to clean any of this stuff. Life is too short to spend with a cotton swab or a toothbrush in hand, poring over the details of something too hideous to own in the first place. Hey clean freaks, want more male humor? Click here!