Crocs Wants You To Look As Ridiculous As Possible When You’re Camping!

by Gorman

The manliest of men know that there is nothing more sacred than the ancient art of camping (except maybe marriage, LOL JK). Since the wee early hours of mankind’s tenure on ol planet earth, we’ve been getting dirty and loving it. Man’s bond with the the great outdoors is not a matter of fashion, it’s a matter of birthright. We are animals! That means we have an insatiable need to commune with mother earth, the hottest broad we know. That’s why it’s cool, but weird that the shoe company crocs is partnering with fashion designer Nicole McLaughlin to create survival crocs, according to an article on Yanko Design

That’s right, fellas. You’re going to look uglier than ever while you’re sweating your nut off in the wild blue yonder. True and noble men wouldn’t have it any other way.

The article notes that the release is part of a collaborative release from Project Greenhouse x Crocs. “The crocs are, in a way, an all-in-one survival kit – with add ons like a headlamp, stuff sack, paracord, small bundle of rope, compass, and carabiner.” How on earth is this possible? Uhhh, you ever heard of a JIBBIT, bro? Of course you haven’t.

Fans of crocs will be very familiar with jibbitz, though. Essentially, jibbitz are tchotchkes that you can attach to the holes on crocs. These doo dads have a very survival focused feel, but crocs have been putting all sorts on garbage on shoes for a long time. If you are a fan of the time of day called 4:20, you can get one of these bad boys and bedazzle the shit out of some bright orange clogs.

Crocs x Men’s Humor?

All of this has us wondering what a crocs x Men’s Humor themed shoe would look like, and more importantly what our jibbitz would be. Here are a few ideas…

Dental dam holder

Ethan Suplee bobble head

-knife (for cooking)



Crocs are ugly as sin, but they’re goddamn practical and they’ve been a god send for doctors and Mario Batali for years. Now, the rest of us can enjoy the trappings of a hideous shoes designed for comfort and knick knacks. And maybe, just maybe, if you find yourself in a particularly rough patch of outside, they’ll save your life.