Dog Gets Angry At Its Own Hiccups And Honestly We Can Relate

by TheDuder95

A dog owner captured its pooch getting angry at its own hiccups and went viral in the process. It’s honestly something we can totally relate to as humans. It doesn’t matter if you are a dog or a person, hiccups suck. Check out the video.

This cute little dog is pissed off about one of the body’s most annoying functions, and we totally feel for it.

For those of you who hate hiccups, this dog’s anger is something that we all recognize. Our hatred of hiccups comes from the fact that they are annoying to deal with, but also kind of scary. Who doesn’t remember hearing horror stories about people who all of a sudden got hiccups that never went away? One guy had them for 68 years! Those tales of absolute body horror have lived on with us for a very long time.

So while we might think this dog is cute and cuddly (which it is), we also have to empathize with it. The little animal is probably just freaked the fuck out about getting the hiccups, and rightfully so. The dog here is just a little puppy so it’s very likely that it has no idea what’s going on at all.

We feel for this little pet and hope that it got well soon. We wouldn’t wish a lifetime of hiccups on our worst enemy.

Well maybe we would, but we wouldn’t do that lightly.