Dumb As Hell: We’re Not Going To Lie, This Video Is Dumb As Hell

by Gorman

Every once in a while, the studs and fellas over at Men’s Humor like to introduce our audience to new quality content. That is absolutely not what this is. This video has 53 views. We cannot predict the future, however we have a strong hunch that number isn’t going to climb. Why? This video is dumb as hell. It is a video of a Minecraft character dancing to what sounds like an Eastern European version of Pumped Up Kicks. You remember that song by Foster The People? It came out 10 years ago!

Just look at this dumb pile of crap!

If you do a bit more research, which is a ridiculous thing to do, you find the YouTube account that uploaded it is called I am weird 😀 and they have 4 subscribers. We have no idea if the person who uploaded this ripped it off from some other website, or if they made it themself. We’ll never know. We do not care.

However, when you get beyond the absurdity and give this video a chance, you’ll find it is very funny. It’s so fucking stupid, but in that way that hits pretty good. There’s a real existential quality to this humor: it is a laugh into the void. This dumb video is pure absurdity. You will forget about it almost instantly.

So enjoy! *Italian Chef’s Kiss*

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