Foot Fetish: 16 Cats With Freaky Feet (We Love Them)

by Gorman

Y’all ever heard of a polydactyl cat? Well, these little stinkers are considered polydactyl when they have more than the usual amount of toes. This genetic mutation might be difficult for the cats, we’re not sure. What we do know is that they are cute as fuck and Quentin Tarantino would cast them in any of his movies (Quentin loves a beautiful foot.)

Also, fun fact, on the internet, cat toes are called “beans” or “peets.” God love em!

1. Gemma Has A Beautiful Foot


Gemma is a sweet little cat with way too many toes. Look at those paws! What’s she gonna do?

2. Ren’s Foot Is Not For The Faint Of Heart (Because He’s A Heart Breaker)

Cuteness Overload

Holy moly. Look at the beans on this beast. These paws are a little weird, but that’s why we love this freaky cat.

3. Sansa


Sansa is a beautiful weirdo in many ways. She has heterochromia and too many toes. This makes her look like a mythological beast. Not bad, Sansa!

4. Stella


Stella is a sweet little bing bong with too many toes and an attitude you could cut with a knife. Don’t get on Stella’s bad side, you would not want to cross her when she has her groove back.

5. Pieds


Pieds means toes, which is a fitting name for a sweet little kitty with like, two paws on one leg. Looks at this little cookie. Gotta eat it.

6. Ernie


Ernie is one of the best names you could ever give a pet and Ernie lives up to it. He is sassy and he has too many toes. Give it up for Ernie and his handsome daddy!

7. Seven


On a numbered list of weird cats, you have to coordinate. This is why the cat named seven, for the seven toes on its paws, clocks in at number Seven. This stuff writes itself!

8. Dahlia


Dahlia is taking a nap because having too many sweet little toes will take a lot out of you.

9. Klaus


Not much to say about this little weirdo, except that Klaus is another perfect name for a cat.

10. Tortie


Tortie has one fat little leg and a thousand yard stare. He sits like a king because he is a little prince.

11. Maverick


Maverick is a word used to describe someone who thinks outside the box. One thing we know about cats is that they love boxes and that they will probably bust out of those boxes a little bit if they have too many little beans.

12. Weston


Wowee, look at the thumbs on this cat. Weston is going places (the vet.)

13. Thor


Could there be a more perfect name for this strong beast? Those man hands could only belong to a god.

14. Gregorny


There has never been a more noble feline than this, brave Gregorny. May you run freely.

15. Toes


No ifs, ands, or buts about it- Toes is a good name for this cat.

16. Phoebe


Oh my goodness, Phoebe. Why are you so beautiful? You look like a little snow leopard. Phoebe is perfect, freaky toes and all.

What a bunch of busted hunks, huh? These cats might not seem like they’ve won the genetic lottery on the surface, but you’re just being ableist. These cats are gifts from God, and we will love them forever. Anyhoo, want more cat stuff? We know you do! Click here!