GameStop Stock Owner Buys Nintendos For Children’s Hospital

by Mad Dog

MINNESOTA — Move over William “Microsoft” Gates, there’s a new philanthropist in town. His name is Hunter and he is from Minnesota and he used the money he made from selling GameStop stock to buy Nintendo Switches for the local Children’s hospital.

Oh, hell ya.

GameStop stock has surged recently. Which means that many people have extra cash. This kid used his to help the needy children at the hospital. This rocks so much cock.

Who Is This Genius Philanthropist And GameStop Stock Owner?

His name is Hunter Khan. And he is a fucking hero. Just listen to him humbly talk about what he did.

“A lot of people are saying that this is somewhat like a transfer of power,” stated Khan, “But if the money is going from here just to the other side, there is no difference, if we just are acting the same way as the people that we’re criticizing. So, I think it’s important that we don’t become men in suits ourselves and use our money for good,” said Hunter.


What Does Men’s Humor Think About This?

Keep on grinding everyone. One day soon you will be able to buy a bunch of cancerous children some video boxes. If everyone purchases two or even three GameStop stocks, every kid in America will soon have a Nintendo Switch.

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