Heartwarming! Teacher Abandons Children To Start OnlyFans

by Mad Dog

NEW YORK CITY, NY — With all the chaos in the world right now, it’s so nice to encounter uplifting news. This story is no exception. A specialed teacher from Arizona named Courtney Tillia quit her job for a career on the pornographic website OnlyFans.

TFW when you no longer have to grade homework for a living (via Giphy)

“Back when I was a teacher, my family really struggled financially,” said Tillia, who now lives in Los Angeles, California. “OnlyFans allows me financial freedom. I can provide everything my family needs and more.”

Tillia—also a mother of four and a loving wife—is an inspiration to teachers everywhere who want to drop the grading-grind for a better life!

“I make four times the annual income I would make as a teacher,” the Arizona native, 33, told The New York Post. “I’ve been making even more money during the pandemic because people are just stuck home wanting to enjoy my content.”

Tillia is no stranger to posting nudes on the internet. She has previously worked as a fitness and body building expert on the side. However, the website OnlyFans allowed her to rapidly expand her fan base (and cash flow).

And it doesn’t stop there!

Tillia now also runs a lifestyle brand that encourages other women and special education teachers to feel empowered.

“I work with hundreds of women all over America, Australia, Europe and everywhere,” she said. “I’m helping those clients break through the shame and guilt that’s been imposed upon them for wanting to be free to express their sexiness,” she told the New York Post.

Hey, we’re not complaining! The less teachers there are doling out detention and homework, the better, as far as Men’s Humor is concerned. Way to go Tillia!