Horniest Man Alive? This Indian Fella Betrayed His Country For Nudes

by Mad Dog
Possibly the horniest man on the planet.

LATHI, INDIA — If you’ve ever wondered how far someone is willing to go to get nudes, we have a story that is going to make your head explode into a million skull pieces. According to Our News, an Indian man was arrested last week on charges of spying after he sold military information to women in exchange for their nude photos. Leading us to wonder if this is the horniest man alive.

Goddamn! This man shouldn’t have been arrested for spying, he should have been arrested for being too horny. This is madness.

How did the horniest man alive get caught?

The Indian man, named Sayanarayan Paliwal, said that he was using a fake social media account to send information about border crossings to dissidents. He used that same social media account to ask girls for pictures of their breasts.

Local police commented, “Satyanarayan Paliwal, a resident of Jaisalmer, has been booked and arrested by CID (Special Branch) on charges of espionage. He has confessed to being in touch with an agent of Pakistan intelligence agency and possessing sensitive military information.” 

What happens now?

Well, this fool is likely going to jail. He has been brought back to Jaipur where the army is interrogating him. And if we know anything about the military of India—which we don’t—they are not going to treat him kindly.

The bottom line:

This man is a king. What’s more important in life? Military information or beautiful breasts? In our humble opinion, it’s gotta be beautiful breasts. We stan this legend for doing what he needed to in order to get some much needed spanking material.

Men’s Humor takes the firm stance that we should not be getting mad at anyone for horniness. Because horniness is the zest of life. So, to the Indian military, take it easy on this guy!