Opossums Eating Bananas. That’s It. That’s The Headline!


It’s simple, really. Opossums eating bananas. That is all the context you need for this absolutely perfect video you are about to watch. Are you ready? You should be. Not a whole ton of other pertinent information you’ll need to enjoy what follows. Opossums. Bananas. Eating. That’s all!

Alright, bon voyage, see you after the video below!

Thank you, YouTube user John Pooperton! You compiled 10 hours of footage featuring opossums eating bananas and we watched every last second of it with rapt attention!

Did you ever think you’d find yourself scrolling the Internet, clicking on MensHumor.com, scrolling down to find a video about opossums eating bananas, and then watching all 10 hours of it?

Has the sun gone down since you first clicked on the link leading to this page? Or has it risen? Have you drank any water? Or spoken to family and friends? Are your breaths shallow? Have you fused to your office chair?

Whatever your answers to those questions are, know that it’s all worth it to soak in the audio/visual pleasure of watching opossums gnaw on bananas. Go hydrate, get some food (perhaps a banana? lmfao…), talk to a friend or family member to regain some semblance of normalcy.

But come back. Please, please make sure to come back, and watch this again and again and again and again! Opossums eating bananas!!! Need we say more?!