Seal Screams Like A Freak…Really Upsetting Video, Makes You Want To Kill Seals


Man, we want to beat the shit out of this seal. Wait ’til you hear its goddamn obnoxious yapping. It will cause you to book a flight to wherever the fuck this footage was filmed (not America), find this seal, and whack it with a walking stick until its a pile of pulp. This seal sucks so much ass.

This is the kinda shit you watch to amp yourself up to kill a person. Know what we mean?

Ugh. Subject yourself to a SHITTY seal below.

God damn. The seal’s stupid nostrils are flaring open and shut so pathetically. This living-breathing-sleeping-bag-sorta-animal deserves to be roasted alive over a fire.

If anything, it would feel incredible to kick this seal in the balls for screaming in such an infuriatingly dumb way.

We’ll be honest. We watched this video and something changed inside us. We went to the bathroom and shaved our head Taxi Driver-style, started muttering to ourselves about how we were gonna show that seal a lesson, monologuing about wiping them off the face of the Earth. Kind of an empowering, dark force took over our entire body. It was awesome, haven’t felt alive like that in a while.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by Men’s Humor dot com. We really appreciate your time and hope to see you on the shore of the beach in the video above, skewering this seal with a big long pipe or something. It deserves worse!

Have a great rest of your day.