This Video Is Weird But It’s Got A Real Ari Aster Quality To It

by Gorman
foam family

We’re not entirely sure what the plot or deeper meaning is behind “Today Is The Day.” This video reeks of art project, but it is also funny and frightening. It tells the story of a styrofoam man who cuts himself apart. It is about the relationships between those offspring. It’s very bizarre and very great. It feels a bit like an Ari Aster film if they had really bad production quality!

It also does a great job of showing us what’s possible on a shoestring budget. Perhaps with a little creativity and a lot of depression, you can create a similar work of art.

There is something so unbelievably upsetting about the way the paper eyes peer out from under the blankets while the other smaller styrofoam creatures make their plans. It feels like an elaborate Ari Aster family drama is playing out. That or we have completely missed the point.

It’s probably the latter.

Who know, maybe with a little more money the filmmaker could have set an entire guy on fire. Perhaps the thing this video needs is a shot of Toni Collette cutting her own head off with a piano wire.

Sound off in the comment section and let us know what you think this video is about. Serious and silly suggestions are welcome, but please be kind. This video was made with someone’s blood, sweat, and tears and a very cheap video camera.

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