What Is This Weird Thing? Reddit Has The Answers

by TheDuder95

You ever find something in your house but have no idea what it is or where it came from? Good news! There’s a popular subreddit called What Is This Thing that’s here to help put a name on mysterious objects. Thank you Reddit!

What Is This Thing currently has over 1.8 million members and is constantly solving case after case. In this list, we gathered some of their best work over the years. Check it out.

1. This weird bottle

Found In A House I Moved Into. The Chain Has Two Corks Attached On Either End

Answer: Turns out it’s for wine! Ice goes in the little side container to keep it cold.

2. Is this a sex thing?

Friend Found At A Goodwill. Tool Belt Of Some Kind. Anyone Know The Specific Use?

Answer: Nope it’s not for sex. Quite the contrary. It’s for fishing. It’s a fishing rod holder!

3. This is a map of a plot of land in Utah where some freaky shit is happening, right?

Near Agate, Utah. My Dad And I Came Across This On Google Maps Today But No Search On Google Gave Me An Answer

Answer: No it’s not a water color paint palette or something an alien left us. Turns out it’s likely an evaporated pond near some sort of mineral mine.

4. Weird piece of metal that sometimes comes in a matchbox

Weird Metal Part That Comes In A Matchbox Every Once In A While

Answer: It’s an extension for lighting candles

5. Murder weapon found by someone in the Appalachian foothills of Tennessee

Found While Turning Garden This Spring In The Appalachian Foothills Of East Tennessee. What Is This Thing?

Answer: Nope. Not a murder weapon (hopefully). Turns out it’s a knapped flint knife probably made by a Boy Scout.

6. Trap door for an elf?

House Built Circa 1950. Left Door Is A Linen Closet. Right Door Is... What? So Deep That It Takes Up Space In A Closet Around The Corner. Door For House Elf? Witt?

Answer: It’s a luggage hide-a-way. Houses built in the 1950s had them. Seems like they could have made the normal closet bigger? Who knows.

7. Wait…is that a bomb?

Found This While Renovating. Any Idea? Bomb Squad On The Way. Montreal, Qc

Answer: Yes that’s a bomb. Holy shit what the fuck!!! This redditor in Quebec had to call the local bomb squad after discovering this unfired artillery round while renovating a house.

8. Alien life form found at the beach

What Is This Thing: Some Beach Sand In Ecuador Is Magnetic

Answer: Nope. It’s something called ironsand. It’s a type of sand with heavy concentrations of iron that forms in a weird way like that.

9. Purple bags of cocaine

Purple Packets Found On Rural Property In Victoria, Australia

Answer: We wish there was such a thing as purple cocaine. These are actually dye packets used by farmers. They tie them under side of rams to mark which sheep have been inseminated. Definitely do not snort this.

10. Weird tool with straps that lock in place

This Was Found With Old Tools. Doesn't Seem To Attach To Anything. It Can Lock In Place And The Middle Bit Turns Round, Unravelling Two Straps Of Fabric. I'm Stumped!

Answer: It’s for carrying books.

11. This looks like someone left a machine gun in the woods.

Thing With Wheels I Found In The Woods

Answer: Apparently its what’s left of a Volkswagen beetle. Just add some tires and you should be good to go!

12. Creepy tunnel in the basement of an old house

Tunnel In Basement Of Pennsylvania Rowhouse

Answer: Space used for coal delivery back in the day. That’s how people heated their homes and got black lung.

13. Another weird thing in an old house. Looks like something you’d use to dispose of a cigarette

On The Second Stair Of A 100-Year-Old Bungalow. The Tube Opens To The Basement.

Answer: Wood-fired furnace heat shaft. This was central heat before it was invented.

14. Imagine unwrapping a Hershey Kiss and biting into this…

Solid Metal “Kiss” That Was In Our Bag Of Candy Cane Kisses. Is It Part Of The Machinery?

Answer: Very likely something called a “QA guage” to help operators verify shape and portion size at a glance. Definitely left behind by accident.

15. Freaky growth on the back of a TV

What Is This? White Particles On Back Of TV. Found No Where Else In Home, Not Even On Surrounding Furniture/Wall. Cleans Off But Reappears After A Few Weeks.

Answer: A reddit sleuth claims that this is fire retardant of the TV reacting with the environment around it. Just wipe it off.

16. What are these random keys in the ceiling of buildings for???

Key In The Ceiling At School

Answer: It’s a dust detector shut off key. Duct detectors will shut off the air conditioning unit if it senses smoke to prevent it from circulating the air. Safety first, even if it looks weird.

17. We’ve seen these at so many playgrounds. What the heck is it? Some kind of weird European basketball hoop?

On It's Own In A British Park, Tall As A Person And Hollow Inside. Made Of Metal And Looks Like Something Used To Be Below Each Of The Four "Exits"

Answer: It’s called funnel ball! Someone tosses into the top hole and the ball comes out one of the other holes. It’s likely just a common playground game with no real rules. Just something fun for kids to do to keep them from snorting purple cocaine.

These are just a few of the weird items that reddit sleuths have investigated. We cannot thank them enough for their service! If you’ve discovered a weird item and want to know what it is, don’t hesitate to post about it on What Is This Thing!