No Offense, But These School Designs Didn’t Bring Any School Spirit Whatsoever

Being in school is very important. It’s the place where you take your classes, do your school work, and meet all your friends. But, you’re going to make mistakes along the way, usually for all to see in the hallways of your school.

As you’re about to see, some designers were so determined to leave their mark, but they found a way to screw it all up. At least you’ll be able to remember them if they end up in the yearbook!

Irony At Its Finest


The gears won’t work when the parents or teachers break. Trust me when I say this. When it gets to the breaking point of the school year, your teacher will likely be the first victim of the breakdown.

Then, that anger will pass on to your parents. Then, you’re grounded.

The Most Awkward Endzone Ever


There was a school in my league that had a field like this. Their school was about 75-years-old, and if you kicked a field goal, the ball would land on the highway below.

They were in a valley and had to make the most space with what they had.

Design School At Its Finest



Well, they never said they knew how to design. They said you know how to design. Maybe, this postcard is a sign from the heavens that you’re destined to teach graphic design. I think it’s pretty clever.

You should pick up on that, who knows where it could take you.

This might be discouraging for design students, but the next one ahead will break the heart of any art student.

Jace Of Diamonds


Ahh, the elusive jace of diamonds. They say that no two decks of shuffled cards have ever been in the same order. Although, I think that only applies to those decks with the jace of diamonds.

No matter what you think, this could be the biggest fail of the school year.

The Stairs Want You To Fall On Your Face


I wonder how many people trip up the stairs while trying to read all of that. According to a recent study, more than half of the student body fell victim to the stairs and fall flat on their face too.

I don’t know what study that could possibly be, but an escalator wouldn’t do that to you.

Art School Students Will Be Heartbroken By This



That is a smack to the face. You pay all of this money to get a degree for something you love. Once you roll up into the parking lot and see this, you’re going to have second thoughts.

You probably haven’t heard of them because they’re pretty much underground.

On game days, the next one ahead could be a barricade or an injury for a student when they’re in a hurry.

The Most Unsolvable Thing Ever


The calculator has the right to have a nose and a chin. IF you have access to blue dye from your janitor’s closet, you can fix this. Wait, no, what am I saying. They’re pointing out that you HAVE to solve the problem.

Your school is preparing you for the real world!

Seriously, What’s With The Mirror?


There’s no way this was unintentional. In a way, this is a good idea so people can’t graffiti. However, that didn’t stop any student from hopping up on the sink to leave their mark.

I don’t know if the mirror was intended to make sure no one sneaks up on you at the sink, but I think it might be a bit more revealing.

This Ticket Gate



It’s probably right by the entrance to the gym. But on game days, they set up a barricade of some sort. That’s going to suck if some student is in a hurry to get to class, then they run into this.

It’ll be a big bruise, but it’ll keep them from running in the hallways.

If you bought a ticket, read ahead to see the poor soul who had the worst seat in the house!

What Does That Spell? High School!


It’s awful. This pattern is really for the free-thinkers who can find an answer around any corner. There’s absolutely no reason to put this up in such a weird order, unless they rotate around to spell out the word correctly.

Overall, this is a facepalm and a half.

It’s Not The Smartest Choice


Just apples, that’s it? That’s misleading. You advertise to get students to eat healthily, and you only provide them apples. They need more than that. Oranges and bananas will go a long way.

Oh, if you want some protein, chicken and broccoli is a nice lunch to eat.

What A View!



You better get to sit there for free. I once went to a sold-out show to a bad band and had to buy an obstructed view. It felt like the beer bottle on the ground had a better view than I did.

I should have gone home and ordered a pizza.

Still on the way, a projector in a classroom that could be useful or completely irrelevant.

Not The Best School Mural


I bet that this school voted for this mural. There’s no way the principal was going to let this one slide. I’m sure that this mural looked good on paper, but once it was on the wall it told a totally different story.

Well, we’ll go with that, but I’m betting someone definitely lost their job over this one.

I Hope This Is A Joke


I never knew you could do so much in graphic design. I can only assume this was done on April Fool’s day. You can use it to spice up pictures, but this doggo is really stealing the show.

What you’re really missing is that this is an extra-spicy photo of a seal.

Good Luck Having Lectures With This



Maybe it’s one of those tactile projectors. They project images on a special whiteboard. And, it’s cheaper to leave the protection screen than have someone come in and remove it.

It’s not all that bad, but this is a long way from the days of teachers rolling projectors into the classroom.

Read ahead to see the most useless fan in the world.

Supportive And Discouraging At The Same Time


I’m not sure about you, but this is a pretty lousy way to go about an anti-bullying initiative. “Not in our school” can mean a variety of things, but it doesn’t belong with what the sign is trying to say.

Oh well, somebody should have run this by the principal before placing it.

It’s Like A 2005 MySpace Page


If your school has morning announcements, this school needs an upgrade. I wasn’t aware they would be so similar to MySpace’s profile page. The colors stimulate my insulin production, and it looks like a 90’s website.

Also, it could use a little more rainbow because it’s a bit too generic.

Useless Fan



Okay, that’s a self-destruct mechanism. If you turn it on, it destroys the supports which are enough to bring down the whole school. Someone will get hurt. Those fantastic fans are completely awful.

From the installer of the beams or the fan being set up here, someone screwed things up altogether.

The Unfortunate Overhead View


Well, that’s bad. I mean, if a bunch of people walk by, they might linger and see what your paper is on. This is so bad to the point where you may not get some studying done.

Also, the design is a reference to something from WWII, which is worse.