People Who Took Their Shot On Tinder

Meeting that special someone is hard.

For most people, matching on Tinder isn’t the biggest challenge, it’s getting that one match to respond to your less-than-steller icebreaker. A dating app like that is a great way to meet people. It’s even better than having to use one of those online dating websites. But, one similarity between both platforms is the likelihood of awkwardly matching with your professor. Whatever the goal is for aspiring lovers, at least they gave it a shot.

Be Careful Out There Everyone


One thing you need to do before swiping is set your age settings. If you don’t, you’re going to come across middle school students who are way past your demographic. It’s rookie mistakes like this where you have to double check the settings before you dive into the app.

Tinder Response Of The Year

Icebreakers are hard to come by, but if you lead with this type of question, you’re bound to get a response. Alexandra here made a weird situation into one quick response. She even has friends who have kids! She knows what’s up in that particular situation.

He’s Great With Kids


He might look intimidating, but don’t judge a book by its cover. He could be the sweetest thing since Kevin Hart. Look how much effort he’s trying to make this kiddo put in, he’s probably good at making an effort in relationships too. Plot twist: Brian is actually the little kid.

Eager Beaver Over Here

Some people are just on Tinder for the swipes. Some reek of desperation with some hope that their match will respond quickly. You’ve all been there before, even if you don’t look on the app, there’s a chance you’ll get this response. Well, my advice to you is to unmatch them ASAP.

Safe To Say This Starts With ‘S’

Once in awhile, you come across a fully detailed bio. It’s great to see someone go above and beyond to tell people who they are. That gives us a general idea of what kind of person they are. This person has accomplished lots, but it’s safe to say their favorite swear word starts with an ‘s’.

Gives This Man A Standing Ovation


Whoever came up with that pickup line, we challenge you to try it out at a bar. You might a response like this or a smack in the face. Either way, that’s one smooth icebreaker to the point where you can’t turn away this conversation. Let’s hope these two meet up for a Tinder date soon!

One Way To Get Out Of An “Accidental” Swipe

It’s experiments like this that should inspire you to do the same. At least one time using Tinder, you’ve come across a match by accident. So, this guy took it upon himself to pretend to be an automated message. As awkward as this is, he should have just deleted his account and started fresh.

Checkmate For Fans Of Chess

Imagine someone doing this for their love of Checkers? You don’t see many people embrace their love for chess since it’s kind of dorky. On the other hand, these two potential lovebirds defied the odds and found their mate on Tinder. Watch, the second someone steals the queen, the match is over.

At Least They Tried, It’s The Thought That Counts!


More people need to show off their dogs. It’s a win-win situation for everybody since dogs are one of a kind. Cats work too, but only if they’re doing something funny or being cute as always. At least the girl he matched with offered to show him pics of her dog.


This is hilarious. You see this too often in the app anyways, but you don’t see someone showing off their inner Juggalo. Maybe he’ll match with another Juggalo and have multiple babies that are Juggalos. It’s all about what’s on the inside and not on the outside, right?

Compare And Contrast, Then Share Notes

What a difference this makes. You can learn a lot from this since it comes from two different countries. The one on the left is pretty much what you see all the time on the app, but the one the right, not so much. It’s almost as if they’re quizzing you.

He’s Looking For Love Too


Yup, he sure is! Yeah, he was resurrected and all that stuff, but he’s got something to prove with the ladies. Heck, even this girl super liked Jesus. But let’s be sure that nobody should be using him for his powers and good will. That profile picture is one of a kind.

It Doesn’t Get Any More Awkward Than This

Matching your teacher on Tinder is a whole different story. That should motivate you to delete your account because really, no good can come of this. Best case scenario, you strike up a friendship with your teacher, but just going for gusto like this guy can only end in heartbreak, and probably not the “D” you were hoping for. You’ve been warned if you dare cross the waters of this.

Slippery Slope Doing Something Like That

Puns can be a hit or miss. In this case, it was somewhat of a miss since it was very corny. If someone said that to you in person, how would you react? Probably just laugh it off and move onto the next guy who won’t be that cheesy to use bad puns.

Don’t Do Drugs, Don’t Swipe Right


Don’t do it. James doesn’t sound trustworthy with his habits. Outside of the relationship aspect, he does look like one fun dude to party with. He just seems like a guy who wants to have fun way before making a commitment to a girl around his age group.

For The Game Of Thrones Fans

Game Of Thrones fans would be head over heels for their boy Ryan. Look how happy he looks in his costume. He’s embracing his passion for being a fan of the show and that’s one cute horse beside him. Anything with pets or GOT will definitely get you a match.

Monologue Yourself

Here is a new icebreaker for you to try. Monologues are more for plays and sketches, but it’s also good for Tinder apparently. If the world of online dating has taught me anything, it’s that it’s always a good idea to be a little overconfident and lie as much as possible to cover up your flaws. Lesson learned.

More Proof He’s Looking For That Special Someone


Once again, Jesus is out there looking for that special someone. If his profile picture isn’t enough to give him a super like, then why are you even using the app to begin with? Look at the holy water he has! He’s just waiting to share his stories with someone out there.

Say It Ain’t So, I Will Not Go

As straight up as this bio is, you can’t help but look at the song they were listening to. A classic song by blink-182 and they even have their spirit animal all sorted out. Sure, dogs like anybody that’s not their owner, but the real struggle here is figuring out who those three people are.

Winning On Tinder All Day, Every Day

Someone get this person a medal for being clever. This a great example of how to play it cool and not sound desperate when using the social dating app. Now we finally know what the name Nicole rhymes with. It really makes you wonder how this conversation went moving forward.