These Dads Put Some ‘Savage Spice’ Into Their Parenting Salad And It’s Weird But Effective

Some people just have that “dad gene.” There aren’t too many things in life that are either black or white, but this is one of them. You either have it or you don’t, there’s no grey area in the dad community.

It takes a specific skill set to be able to raise a child to be a functioning member of society. It’s easier said than done considering you have to walk the fine line of discipline and fun. These dads are killing the game with the way that they maneuver their way through fatherhood.

Let’s Hope He Was REALLY Thirsty

water bottle to the face

Instagram | @kristinsday

There could be an entire article that showcases dads trying to feed their kids food or drinks and failing miserably. Let’s just hope this kid was thirsty because he’s getting an entire ocean of water coming in hot.

In this little guy’s defense, those big water bottles are very heavy and tough to tip back at the right angle. This dude started an avalanche of liquid to the face after he tilted just a little bit too much.

Just In Case You Were Wondering

thanks for the clarification

Twitter | @rayy_baybay

We have to give this dad a little bit of a break here because he was just trying to show off his daughter. He didn’t want to leave ANY room for interpretation when it came down to his friends not knowing which one was his daughter.

The last thing he would want is one of his co-workers starting a rumor that his daughter is actually a seal. The more detail the better.

If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool…

peeing your pantsTwitter

Twitter | @LucindaSowards

It’s a harsh truth that many of us don’t like to acknowledge, but we’ve all peed out pants at some point. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s also incredibly uncomfortable. It’s like walking around with a wet bathing suit on while you’re at school.

Unfortunately, it’s a truth that’s too real for me. I hope this dad at least got the satisfaction of wetting himself for this little adventure. He needed to go all the way.

There You Go, Sweetheart

toy yoa

Twitter | @ClaireHale_12

I’m not going to lie, this is a tough prank to be able to pull off without being in the dog house for at least a month with your daughter. At 16, parents are already having to fight the uphill battle to keep their “cool status” with their kids.

To tell her that she’s getting a car and then actually come at her with a toy Yoda? Yikes. He played this well, though.

Troubleshooting Travel Day With The Kids

hey now dawg

Reddit | MitchesBeCrazy

If you’ve ever had to travel with your little kids, you know how stressful it can be. First of all, they’re nothing but dead weight. They will never speed up your traveling, they’ll only slow it down.

Whether it’s because they forgot something in the car or because their tiny legs don’t keep up with you, there needs to be a way that you can troubleshoot the whole process. This dad is giving us all a life hack that we can use in airports.

One Way To Ruin Emotional Stability

my friend got her phone taken away

Instagram | @bailee_xox

If you really want to ruin a young person’s day, you can simply just take away their phone. When your life revolves around your phone, having it taken away is a new level of devastation.

How will you know if anyone is trying to get ahold of you? How will you know if someone ‘likes’ one of your Instagram pictures? This dad is just rubbing it in even more with this fake phone conversation and it’s actually hilarious.

Dad Farts Are The Worst


Imgur | BluenoseGeo

This family was excited for their night out. They’d start by getting a nice photo at dinner, followed by a superb evening at the movie theater. Well, dad had some other plans in mind.

He ate Mexican food strategically for lunch so that he’d be locked and loaded for when dinner came. He’s basically gassing his family and as you can see, they’re pretty much dying because of it. Dad farts are the worst.

Cats Like Art Too And It Should Scare You

cats like van gogh

Tumblr | tastefullyoffensive

It might sound crazy, but this cat probably does actually like art. Cats have come so far in their evolution and it should scare everyone. First of all, they will have the human race destroyed by 2033, mark my words.

Second of all, they’re probably plotting your assassination right now and you don’t even know it. Not only are they able to open doors now, but they’re also becoming art snobs.

Cut The Cord, Dad

it's time baby girl

Twitter | @megsull2

There are some very harsh realities to growing up that you didn’t expect. You get into a routine with your parents and your friends and at the time it feels like that routine will never be broken.

The fact that this dad peeled her oranges all the way through high school should be respected. Most parents would’ve told their kids to buzz off if they wanted them to even make their lunch in high school.

“I Tried To Set You Up”

what the hell dad

Instagram | @menshumor

Not only did this dad think that Harry Styles from One Direction was Harry Potter, but he also tried to set them up afterward. This is the classic parent move. As soon as their kid hits 16, they embarrassingly try to set them up with anyone they can find.

It doesn’t matter how awkward they make it, dads (or grandparents) will try to make it work no matter who it is.

The Protector Of The House

dad off snapchat

Twitter | @rachel_mcclard

This is what happens when parents get onto social media. They turn into kids at a candy store. We always have to remember that they grew up having to actually talk to each other face-to-face, so all this new social media stuff is exciting to them.

This dad has gone a bit rogue and is threatening to kill the dancing hot dog on Snapchat and he NEEDS to be stopped before he does any serious damage.

We Don’t Blame Him

its her driving


Have you ever been in the car with a kid who is literally getting behind the wheel for the first time? It’s the next level of stress. You see your life flash before your eyes when you come up to any stop light or turn.

This dad is taking all of the precautions that are needed if his daughter decides to press the gas instead of the brake and flies into an intersection.

The Hierarchy Is Set

dog sitting in the front

Twitter | @spaghemily

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The fact that the dog is sitting in the front seat is standard practice if you’re a good dog owner. When you’re “man’s best friend” there’s no way you’re just going to accept a back seat.

When’s the last time that your best friend got in the back seat when you’re driving? My guess is NEVER. So, when a dog enters the vehicle, it gets shotgun, no questions asked.

He May Have Bodies Hiding In His Basement

carolina reapers

Twitter | @sleepatlast

It’s dads like these that make you wonder about what’s hiding in their basement. There are certain types of people who just enjoy watching people in pain. Most of those people are in jail, but some of them still linger around the streets and are even reputable fathers.

Anyone who has even sniffed a Carolina Reaper knows how hot they are. If you taste one, you better not have anything planned for the rest of the day because you’re going to be on the toilet.

“Squad Up”

dad gang

Reddit | ruckz

This dad sent his daughter this picture and it had the caption “when the squad pulls up.” This picture couldn’t be any more dad. Under the word “father” in the dictionary is this picture.

This squad is probably fresh off of their brewery tour, taking a quick stroll by the river and now are off to the pub to watch the football game this evening. There has to be at least ONE pair of New Balance extra wide leather runners in that crew.

A Dose Of Reality


Reddit | EYolandaRSelf

This is a tough dose of reality for this kid. It’s a devastating day for every kid when they realize that the well has run dry with their parents’ money and they have to start making their own.

He was smart to put the contract on paper because it’ll hit home harder than a simple conversation. Not only will this kid be doing more chores, but dad might be able to make some bank off his loans too.

“Dad Has To Watch The Game, Sweetie”

tape the baby

Instagram | @greenide

This is what happens when you get put on babysitting duty during the Super Bowl. The last thing you want to have to do is worry about your little kid whining and crying because they’re hungry.

This dad took matters into his own hands and decided to tape the baby onto the wall and it’s the biggest dad power move of all time. The baby seems to be enjoying it anyway.

How Dare You?


reddit | Fanie1157

This is taking prank wars to the next level. Sure, you can hide behind the door of your daughter’s bedroom and jump out to scare her. Maybe you wake her up in a panic on Saturday morning and tell her that she has to get to school or she’ll be late.

But, dumping out a perfectly good orange Fanta and swapping it out for apple juice is crossing the line, dad.

It’s A “Daddy Day”

going on a rollercoaster

reddit | hoomph

Dad’s can be very cruel sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. Many of them like to see their kids cry and scream over little petty stuff that they know won’t hurt them at the end of the day. It’s a ritual as old as time.

Going on rollercoasters is one of those things that little kids usually hate and dads love. This picture is worth a 1000 words, and about 1000 tears.

This Is Just Straight Up Savage

you have missed (1)

reddit | LeroyGivens

You either knew someone who had strict parents, or you were the unlucky one to have them. They’re the ones who acted like you murdered someone if you came into the house a minute after your curfew.

This dad is literally making his kid sleep on the porch because they didn’t come home at a decent time. That’s some old school disciplinary stuff right here. It’s safe to say this kid won’t be late ever again.