These People Are So Broke, Homeless People Snicker As They Walk By

There’s nothing fun about being broke. Not only does it add a lot of stress into your life, but you have to put in so much more effort just to do basic stuff. Us broke people understand the value of everyday items like a simple band t-shirt. We’ll wear that thing until it looks like it has seventeen bullet holes in it.

Being broke is a state of mind that many people can relate to. We’ve gathered up some of the “most broke” moments from across the internet that will make you feel so much better about your financial situation. Trust me.

The Sneaky Scramble


Twitter / @WeNotSocks

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being at the front of the line and order, only to have your card get declined. Not only do you have to put on your Oscar award-winning act that you’re completely shocked it happened, but you knew damn well it might.

This guy was lucky that he was in the drive-thru and had an easy out. You’re not as lucky if you’re inside the store with 15 people behind you.

Flexin’ On Em

needed nike

Twitter | @SoRelates

When you’re poor but you want to look like you’re rich, you have to find the loopholes. Some people aren’t willing to step into a thrift shop and that’s fine, but they’re wrong. Thrift shops can turn you from looking like you belong in a homeless shelter to looking like you belong in a more upscale homeless shelter.

There’s a common theme in this article that you’ll figure out fairly quickly. Be resourceful.

This Is Probably About Starbucks

the $13

Twitter | @BestOfClosets

I don’t know for sure, but I can only guess that these two are talking about Starbucks and their ridiculous coffee prices. Can we talk about it for a second? Why does a regular coffee cost $92, and that’s without adding anything.

Don’t even get me started about the Frappalapadappa Lattes that they serve where you basically have to give them your financial plan for the year to pay it off.

Hmmmmm, How Do I NOT Buy This

price of something

Twitter | @BestOfClosets

If you’re a college student, or just poor in general, there are times when you want to pretend that you have money. Sometimes you feel the need to walk into a Gucci store and just pretend to look at their $1000 pair of socks.

This thinking face is even more present when you find something you like in an average-priced store and it turns out to be too expensive. You don’t want to look cheap, but you know right away that you’re not getting it.

This Is Some Incredible Dedication

kids eat free

Instagram | @hn_ic

It’s not fair that kids get to eat free at all these restaurants. Like, what have they done to deserve it? They don’t work or contribute to society at all! Come on, now. This girl is fully dressing like a little girl to get the discount and I don’t blame her.

Asking for a friend, but at what age do you start dressing like an old person to get the senior’s discount?

Perfect, Achieve My Goal


Twitter | @TheFunnyWorld

I’m not sure what teacher/parent/mentor told you to do this, but they need to stop selling a false narrative. None of us would be retiring (well, if you’re a young person you’re not retiring anyway) if we had to keep working until our bank accounts were phone numbers.

That statement doesn’t make any sense. I’m with Greg on this one, the only phone number I’m coming close to is one that will send an ambulance in my direction.

My Stomach Is Lonely Too, Mom

looking lonley

Twitter | @drewskyobrien

Being a broke college student builds a lot of character. You move out from your comfy home where your parents buy everything and get thrown into poverty right away. No other time in your life will you have to choose between buying a textbook that you’ll never read and dinner for the rest of the month.

This mom saw the daughter’s lonely $3 and gave her another $15 which will at least give her enough money for a few drinks at the dive bar so she can forget about how poor she is.

How Do People Afford Vacations?


Instagram | @girlwithnojob

Can we just discuss how your friend Chad is affording to take vacations every week when he just graduated school? While most of us are struggling to pay rent, he’s staying five nights at the Versace Mansion and eating gold flakes for dinner.

This picture is the perfect itinerary for what most of our vacations in the near future are going to look like. Heck, a flight from Instagram direct to SoundCloud is too expensive.

Your Food Is Almost Uneatable



When you’re really broke and need to feed the beast, sometimes (a lot of times) you throw a bunch of stuff together and hope for the best. You’ll quickly find that fake cheese is your best friend and will forever be your best friend.

There’s nothing that you can’t put fake, processed cheese on and I mean NOTHING. My guess is that you’re sleeping on ice cream and fake cheese if you haven’t already had it.

15.3 Miles After The Light Comes On

riding on empty

Imgur | OKCalculator

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you don’t even know what it feels like to drive with a full tank of gas. You’re probably counting miles more than you’re counting calories. You’re used to being “edgy” and driving with the very real possibility that your car can just run out of gas at any moment.

You don’t truly KNOW your car until you’ve memorized the exact amount of miles you have AFTER your gas light comes on.

We Get To Hide Our Shame

low to high

Twitter | @BestOfClosets

When you’re broke and online shopping, you have to set the restrictions so that you don’t get depressed. If you start with the most expensive items, you’re just going to get depressed seeing everything that you can’t buy.

If you’re going to shop, you might as well shop for the $10 items that are more in your price range. Thankfully for broke people, shopping online allows us to hide our shame.

Leaving The Door Open Tonight

broke into my house

Reddit / mzkpenguin

You know the feeling when you lose something in your house and you really just need a fresh set of eyes to look for it? Like, you don’t check specific areas of the house for your lost item because “it just can’t be up there,” even though it is.

If someone comes to rob your house looking for stuff, you should invite them with open arms. They’re that fresh set of eyes you’ve been looking for and you’ll never know what they might dig up for you.

A Solid Life Hack

smart idea

Twitter / @Me.Me

This is a life hack that not many of us are even allowed to explore. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bounty on their head worth any significant amount of money. The police officers were probably pretty confused when the criminal came in to turn himself in and was also expecting the bounty money.

This is pretty smart if you ask me. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be allowed.

You Have To Be VERY Sneaky

pizza pizza

Instagram | @missmemeaholic

When you’re in college and you have a roommate, the best way to survive is to steal their food without them knowing. Not only do you get a meal, but you don’t have to pay for it.

Presumably, you and your roommate are struggling financially so you can’t let them know you’re taking their food. You have to pull crazy stuff like this to get through the day. It’s a war zone out there.

It Tastes A Little Bit More Bitter

you're poor


Remember the glory days when young people were eating Tide Pods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? It’s safe to say that the trend would’ve stuck if Tide Pods weren’t so expensive. This poor person decided to bite the bullet and start eating off-brand pods, but they’re just not the same.

The taste is a little more poison-y and bitter. The same goes for off-brand Oreos. Those things stink both literally and figuratively. Stay away from them.

Everything Costs More Than You Have

being alive so expensive

Twitter / @reaghanhunt

When you hit adulthood, you’ll quickly find that nothing comes easy or free. Heck, just taking a breath seems to cost you about $40. Don’t even get me started with breathing clean air on a country road, that’s like at least an extra $10.

It’s one thing to spend money on things you like, but it’s another thing to have to spend money on stuff you don’t want and aren’t even having a good time with.

Let’s Be Happy We Don’t Have To Buy Makeup

sephora discount

Instagram | @mytwosaints

Lads, if you’re feeling poor now, just imagine if you had to constantly buy makeup like our female counterparts. Honestly, stay away from stores like Sephora for as long as you possibly can because they’re a trap.

If your girl asks for makeup for Christmas, prepare your bank account because it’s going to be about $40 for the cheapest SAMPLE of foundation. You need to learn to beg for discounts.

Life’s About Resource Management

piece of hanger

Twitter | @samiwert

If you’re wanting to be successful in life, you need to learn how to use the resources around you to your advantage. To someone who doesn’t know how to be resourceful, they might just see a lonely hanger in their closet.

But, to someone who has practiced the skill of resource management (probably because they couldn’t afford a fork), this hanger is the mode of transportation for the noodles to go into their mouth.

When The Realities Of Adulthood Hit You

someday ferrari

Twitter | @shutupmikeginn

When you’re a teenager, the world seems like an easy place to maneuver around. You don’t have to pay for anything, and you get to live your best life with an insane amount of freedom.

Once you hit your twenties, all bets are off. You become desperate for money and suddenly becoming a stripper isn’t all that crazy. By your mid-20s you’re literally hoping to get hit by a car so that you can sue that person and at least be able to pay for lunch the next day.

Broke Creativity Is Unbeaten

gotta eat

Instagram / @davie_dave

If you think that being broke is the only bad thing in your life, you’re sadly mistaken. In fact, I would argue that people who are broke are desperate AND are forced to be more innovative.

Like, if you want to eat some cereal, but you literally cannot afford to breathe air, you have to get very creative. This is the perfect little dish for someone who can’t even afford a free buffet at a motel.