These People Need Their Driver’s License Revoked ASAP

They are your friends, they’re your neighbors, they’re your parents, and they’re DEFINITELY your grandparents. Yes, yes, you guessed it — we’re talking about bad drivers. Driving is a skill that not all of us have. We barely get taught how to drive and are expected to just maneuver around the roads seamlessly without any trouble. It’s not like we’re driving huge pieces of metal inches away from each other at 60 mph or anything.

The people in this aarticle should have their license revoked immediately because they’re a danger to themselves and others. Buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

SUV Privilege

SUV parking

Imgur | DrHollie

This is a classic case of someone driving their SUV and thinking they have privilege over a car. For too long cars have literally been driven all over with no regard. The driver of this vehicle definitely doesn’t think that he’s doing anything wrong, which is their main problem, to begin with.

In fact, this woman IS probably the driver of the truck and she’s giddy with what she just did.

Creative And Drives Home The Point

staying in the lines

Imgur | JateDesigns

Not only is this incredibly creative, but it also makes the point very clear. This person must be one of the worst parkers of all time because it would take a lot to get someone to drive to the dollar store to grab a coloring book and crayons just to make a point.

We all feel this person’s frustrations though, which is why it’s a little easier to understand how we got to this point.

A Bit Of A Blind Spot

the inflatable pool

Reddit | ManbearpigDa

Okay, there are two major fouls that are happening in this picture. First, let’s address the obvious one which involves the pool. Deflating that thing would’ve taken five minutes out of your life and could potentially add many years to it by eliminating that massive blind spot.

Second, and most importantly, driving a minivan should be a cardinal sin. The fact that they didn’t deflate the pool comes back to the fact that these people drive a minivan and it all makes sense.

The One Trip Wonder

one trip wonder

Reddit | MrSquirly

If you’re not this person, you know this person. It’s the one that refuses to ever take a second trip into the house when unloading something. Even if they have twenty bags of groceries, they will still pile it onto their arms and pinky fingers to get it all in one trip.

This person just packed an entire house into one pickup truck and it’s absolutely bananas how they did it.

Passive-Aggressive Much?

thanks for always

Imgur | timshweaty

If you’re a semi-nice person and don’t want to give someone a coloring book to tell them how to stay in the lines, you can give them a note like this. By putting this on their windshield, you make them aware that they’re being watched, but in a friendly-ish way.

You drive home a point that what they’re doing is wrong, and that you’re literally sliding all over their car. The latter point alone should be enough to get them to move.

We Feel This

snow blind

Reddit | Square-wave

You bet your bottom dollar that anyone who lives in a place with snow will understand this. There’s nothing worse than having to clear all the snow from your windshield and windows before you get into the car.

Not only is it cold, but it’s also extremely tiring. This person just had enough and decided to drive blind for the hour and wait for the heating inside to melt the snow. Bold move.

Is That A Transformer?

half the car off

Reddit | pcx82698

Perhaps this is new information or knowledge, but if half of your car gets ripped off, it’s probably time to call it quits. Or, at least drive it locally and not on the freeway. I mean, show some common courtesy to the people who have fully functioning cars.

With that being said, this is a cheap way to transform ANY vehicle into a jeep. The air circulation is pretty good too.

Thanks For The Honesty

partly blind

Reddit | ODB2

Wouldn’t it be great if all drivers were honest with you while on the road? It’s a shame that we have to treat every car and driver as if they’re the exact same. The reality is that some people are blind and have problems seeing straight, nevermind seeing behind or beside them.

It’s signs like these that would make our streets safer. Or, this person could just park their car forever so they don’t risk anyone else’s life.

This Is Some Prime Real Estate

thank you for returning cart

Reddit | Jokeanator89

The most stressful part of going to a mall is the parking lot and trying to find a good spot. You don’t want to park all the way at the back because it’s such a far walk.

You won’t be able to find a spot close to the building because they’ll be taken, so you end up just driving around for 15 minutes looking for the perfect one. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and risk it all for a good spot.

Playing With Fire

back of a pickup

Reddit | Chrwah

Although you’ll never see this in the U.S., it’s actually very popular around the world. People pack into the back of pickup trucks like they’re school buses. This guy is about to ruin ALL of their days before it even begins.

This is taking the rug out from underneath literally everyone in this picture. This is about to be a commute to school that most of these guys are going to hope to forget.

The Multi-Tasking Queen

multi tasking

orangepolkadots / Reddit

You know how there are rules against distracted driving? You know how you struggle to drink a coffee while driving without swerving? Well, meet the queen of multi-tasking.

She probably cooked herself this meal while cruising, portioned it appropriately AND still ate it while driving. Now add the fact that she’s on the phone while eating her steak and you’ve got yourself a candidate for America’s Got Talent. This is just straight up impressive.

Not How He Saw His Day Going


Inigomntoya / Reddit

When this guy woke up, I can almost guarantee that he saw his day ending on a better note. He probably woke up, drank a pot of coffee and smelled the morning air with an optimistic feeling about the day.

He got into his car and decided that he was going to break some rules. He drove around the orange pylons in an attempt to take a detour from the busy main road. That wasn’t a good idea.

Someone Who Shouldn’t Multi-Task

spag spag

JakeBroughton / Reddit

We saw the one woman earlier in this article safely eating her food and talking on her phone while driving. She was someone we should look up to. This person, on the other hand, got lost in the spaghetti and it didn’t end well for her or her car.

She launched that pasta into the far corner of her car which begs so many questions that we’ll never have answered. At the end of the day, don’t eat spaghetti and drive.

Road Rules Are Subjective

wrong side of the road

Cynaran / Reddit

Can we all come to the agreement that road rules are in the eye of the beholder? You’re technically not doing anything illegal if you don’t get caught. Also, whatever this silver car is doing makes his life a lot easier.

He gets to make a sharp left turn whenever he wants instead of having to wait for this truck to make the left and probably wait for three more lights. I’m all in for this.

When You Want To Go Swimming Very Badly

pool car

Instagram / @theoceanram

When it’s a hot day and you’re drowning in the sun, there’s only one way to really cool yourself down and that’s to get into a pool. If you don’t have a pool or have friends who have a pool, you start to get a little bit desperate.

You’re probably going to get caught trying to sneak into someone’s backyard pool. Your only option is to literally drive through the house and park in their pool. You do what you have to do.

The Only Way To Hit Back At Gas Prices

gas gas

Instagram / @badpriusdrivers

When gas prices are soaring high, it’s hard not to want to take your anger out on the gas station. There aren’t many ways to do that. I mean, you could yell at the gas while you pump it into your car, but that’s not going to do much.

The only reasonable thing to do is “accidentally” keep the gas pump in your car and rip down one of them. It’s the small victories, I guess?

“Looks About Right”


Instagram / @parkingpolice_

This is why I hate rich people (hi rich people, not all of you, but many of you). They feel like the rules don’t apply to them. Yes, this is a nice car, but no, you don’t deserve two spots BESIDE the cart den.

That’s some prime real estate that some poor people could use. Not only are they poor, but a parking job like this just makes everyone else have to walk a little farther to return their cart. So selfish.

Broke Creativity

resrouce management

Thumbs0fDestiny / Reddit

If your car is broken but you can’t afford to fix it, you need to get very resourceful. It’s actually a skill to be broke because you have to figure out ways to get from point A to point B when you have barriers like not having a tire.

This person is straight up skilled. Not only is this a temporary solution, but it’s possibly a permanent solution for all of us to potentially use.

That’s One Painful Accident

foot foot (1)

Instagram / @planetlinton

If you’ve ever been in a car accident before, you know that they’re incredibly painful. Even the smallest little fender bender can send you to the chiropractor for weeks. The last thing you should want to do when driving is put yourself in a position to hurt yourself more if you get into a little accident.

This guy is going to take the brunt force of an entire car to the gonads and it’s going to be his fault entirely. Everyone wave goodbye to his chances of having kids.

This One Is Selfish

flat earth

pdattle / Reddit

This person should not be allowed on the road because of their beliefs. Literally anyone else can be on the road but Flat Earthers because they’re literally the most ignorant people of all time. There’s no possible reason to think that the earth isn’t round. It doesn’t make sense.

If they truly believe that they live on a flat earth, they probably also don’t follow the road rules because, well, they’re very dumb.