These People Started Their Day With A Smile That Was Promptly Wiped Off By A Punch Of Reality

This might be the most relatable thing you’ll read all day. Everyone has a day where it seems like nothing is going as planned. These are the days when you beg for a fast-forward button to get you through without any scars.

Unfortunately, the real world isn’t anything like the movie Click, and even on our worst days, we have to crawl to the finish line. If you think you’ve had it bad, just wait until you see what these people had to go through.

It’s A Paint Party

paint in car

Imgur | Florinilie29

Well, this is probably going to take a few hours out of your day to throw your entire truck into the garbage. There’s literally no way this is salvageable. If you’ve ever had a little speck of paint on your clothing, you know how hard it is to get off.

It takes about four washes and a scrub to get a millimeter of paint off of anything. That means this is probably going to take a million years to get off. That’s just math.

He’s Woken Up To Better

pizza on the floor

Reddit | iske

When you go out to get blackout with your boys on a Friday night, this is not how you expect to wake up. Just from this picture, I can bet that I know exactly how his night went.

He started with beers and ended with tequila. He left the bar early because he was really drunk and wanted to get pizza. He received said pizza and then, well, the rest is history.

Not How She Thought Her Day Was Going To End

walking to class


This girl got up in the morning, drank her coffee, ate her breakfast and was out the door with a smile on her face. She got to school knowing she had her favorite two classes in the morning. She was basically skipping her way down the hallway.

It never would’ve crossed her mind that she was going to literally fall through the floor and onto a bench. What a tragic day for her.

Hunny, The Kitchen Fell Over

kitchen falling apart

Reddit | o0Baconer0o

It’s one thing to come home to a mess after you throw a party or something. It’s a completely different thing to come home to see that your entire kitchen just fell over. That phone call would be so confusing for the person on the other end of the line.

Imagine getting told that a room in your house just collapsed. That would probably ruin dinner for at least two nights.

We Can’t All Be Winners

nacho cheese dispenser

Reddit | jcsheets09

Some days, nothing seems to work right. You get out of bed and smoke your head off the hanging light. You burn yourself with your coffee and you get yelled at by a homeless person on the way to work.

You should never judge someone who looks like they’re angry, you never know what they had to go through that day. If you’re getting mad at a nacho cheese dispenser, you have full reign to do that.

The Luck Of The Irish?

hide in a hole

Reddit | CaptainOnBoard

The thought of winning the lottery seems too far away. No one ever gets excited when they buy a lottery ticket because you’re more likely to get struck by a car and win an insurance claim than getting your number picked.

But, the devastation that you must feel if you’re one number off, or for that matter, this close to having your life changed forever. I encourage this person to not try again, ever.

A Trashy Way To End The Day

garbage your head

Twitter / @meEM

If you’re a trashy person to begin with, which I assume this person is, you can’t complain about this outcome. There are very few people who will even dare to stick their head into a garbage can.

I guess this is the adult version of sticking your head through some slats and getting stuck, like many kids do. I hope he was looking for a lost wedding ring or something to make this embarrassment worth it.

One Last Adventure


Imgur | Florinilie29

My guess is that the person in this coffin climbed Mount Everest, jumped into the Grand Canyon without a parachute, and bungee jumped without a rope. He was an adventurous guy and he wasn’t going to spend his last day trapped in a coffin.

He tried his best Mission Impossible-style escape but it didn’t get him very far. We have to give him some credit for wanting to go on one last adventure though.

The Most Dangerous Selfie

not about to be good

Twitter / @ThumbPress

Taking selfies at baseball games can be a sport in itself. Not only do you have to get a great background (which is harder than you think), but you also have to watch out for flying objects. You’re very vulnerable when you’re taking a selfie because you’re not focussed on your surroundings.

This girl is about to get rocked with a baseball and she has absolutely no idea. That ball is going to take that smile off of her face pretty quickly.


blockbuster banter

Instagram / @blockbusterbanter

What mix up is worse? Thinking that your Preparation H (for hemorrhoids) is your toothpaste, or thinking that a thermometer is a pregnancy test? I’m going to say that the Prep H would feel really nasty and sticky in your mouth.

But, thinking that you’re about to raise 99.3 kids at once would be a stress literally no one else has had to feel. I’m assuming that .3 is referring to one kid who stays under four feet for their entire life?

Moving To Space, Goodbye

spider dawg


This is why I’m never moving to Australia. Yes, the beaches are beautiful. Yes, the weather is consistently nice. But there are mutants like this that that hang around. They have spiders that can kill a whole village of people with a poot of poison.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a “poot” is scientific for a “smidgen” of something. If something like this showed up in my car, I’d be the first to line up for a test run to Mars. Bye world.

Maybe A Double Meaning?

joy in cup

Twitter | @ddlovato

Starbucks employees are pretty sneaky with their shade. This was taken by Demi Lovato, so the person working probably wanted to make a point, while also covering their own butt with a backup plan.

Starbucks employees will spell names like “Joy” wrong just so that it ruins that person’s day. They might come at you with a smile, but inside they want to crush your soul. This is well-known knowledge.

The Morning After

chimney sweeping

Twitter | @JamieDownie_

When you go out for a night and get a little too drunk, the next morning is a time of reflection and pain. This girl looks like she was had finished smearing charcoal all over her face because it’s the “next big skincare trend.”

We’ve all been there, though. We go out looking our best only to wake up looking like we just got dragged out of a collapsed coal mine.

Call Them An Ambulance

bacon grease

Twitter / @thrillathechase

Okay, I already know what the bacon lovers who are reading this are going to say. Yes, we know you love bacon and you’d much prefer the grease over any cinnamon bun because you’re a “ride or die” bacon lover.

Here’s the thing though, you’re lying. We get it, bacon lovers are the most loyal food fans of all time, but this is gross no matter how you look at it.

What Happens In Vegas Didn’t Stay In Vegas

omg last night

Twitter / @thesn0wmexican

Whatever happened to the saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Steve and the boys probably went buck wild at Cesar’s Palace for the bachelor party and someone (probably the bride’s brother) snitched to her about what happened.

Strippers, alcohol, and casinos probably shouldn’t be thrown in front of a man who’s supposed to be getting wifed up in the next couple of days. This one ended before it even began.

Welp, Panic Is About To Hit The Disco

when the wrong number

Twitter / @Itskarleytime

If you’ve never messed with the person who accidentally texted you, do you really even have a sense of humor? This guy went full savage mode and ruined this mom’s day. There’s no way that she didn’t immediately go into panic mode.

You know she’s panicking because she’s sending multiple question marks which means that she can’t control her thumbs. Let’s all keep her in our thoughts for the few seconds as she thinks her child has been abandoned.

Too Cocky, Too Soon

pacsun asked

Twitter / @xineliza

If you’re not used to being in social situations, you’re probably going to run into some issues. Stores are now basically asking for the hospital you were born in before you buy a pair of socks. They try to milk you for as much information as possible so you have to be prepared for the cashier to ask weird questions.

This person just got too cocky, too quick. There’s probably not a big enough cave for this person to go in and never come back out of.

Another Reason To Start Essays Earlier

paper due

Twitter / @ColinChambers44

If you’ve ever had to struggle through a college essay, you know that you won’t start it until the day of or day before. Even if it’s worth 50% of your mark, you will find ways to procrastinate until you literally can’t procrastinate anymore.

The problem with starting late is that you can’t afford to have any issues. Colin certainly didn’t think that his keyboard would stop working. This is a dark time.

Say Bye To The Boys Night On Saturday

auto correct

Twitter / @klugejake

There’s no way to get yourself out of this one. When you have a new girlfriend and your autocorrect turns your words into your ex-girlfriend’s name, you’re screwed. No matter how hard you try to dig yourself out of that hole, you’re not getting out.

You might as well dig the hole big enough to get your coffin in there because your life is over. Say bye to your social life.

Where’s The Nearest Hole To Crawl Into?

bank this lady

Twitter / @makvest

There’s nothing worse than making what you think is going to be a harmless, inoffensive joke that backfires immediately. This little comment made by a bank teller probably didn’t just ruin her day, it probably ruined her year.

What do you even say? Do you completely backtrack and say “sorry” a million times? Or do you stick to your guns and double down with, “that’s too bad, I still wish I had one of these though.”