These Students Prove That Surviving College Is An Olympic Sport With No Gold Medals

Anyone who says that surviving college is easy has never actually survived college. Your years in post-secondary education are unlike any other you’ll ever have to go through. You’re poor, but young. You’re stressed, but not willing to do anything about it.

We should give a lot more credit to people who can successfully survive four years of college. There are so many distractions and “firsts” that you have to go through It’s a rollercoaster that many people get thrown off halfway through. You think the Olympics are hard? Try college.

Close Enough Though?

how is college going

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If you’ve taken any math in college, you know this to be incredibly true. As much as you want to blame the professor for not preparing you well enough, when you don’t show up for half of the classes, it’s hard to do well.

But, this answer is deeper than any math equation or answer. It represents the struggle of every college student who thinks they have it all together, but clearly, they don’t.

This Is A Power Move


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When you know that you’re going to be on campus for the next 13 hours, it’s important to pack the essentials. Usually, that means water, snacks, lunch, and vodka. Yes, vodka becomes essential in college.

Why? Well, because it’s basically the “cure-all.” Not only does it make seeing your one night stand out on campus easier, but it also drowns out the 47% you just scored on that final exam.

Lean Into It, Man

cieiling tiles

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If your visceral reaction isn’t to cheer on this guy, you probably didn’t live the full college experience. It’s a blessing to have the ceiling tiles of a school building fall on you. You shouldn’t see pain, you should see the dollar signs from when your dad inevitably sues the school and wins a million-dollar settlement.

This kid should be kissing those tiles because they just made him a rich man.

These Are So Unnecessary


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Why does one textbook that you’re going to open ONCE the night before the exam have to cost you an arm and a leg? Legitimately, your textbooks will probably cost you about $1000 a semester and that’s not a joke.

If you’re going to survive in college, you need to get the most bang for your buck. If you can use them as a TV stand, that might be the play.

Residence Rooms Are A Different World

how's college going

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Living as a freshman in the college residences is just an experience, to say the least. No matter what financial background you came from, you’re all living in the same crumby, claustrophobic, run down room.

The prince of Egypt and a kid from the Bronx can be sharing a room. That’s what makes first year so unique. Also, you get to experience what it feels like to sleep on a bed that is flimsier than a house of cards.

A Little Lie Didn’t Hurt Anyone

how is the exam

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When your parents ask you how college is going, it’s important that you straight up lie to them. If you find it hard to lie to your parents because you have too much of a conscience, just tell little white lies.

For example, this kid said that the exam was so easy. He wasn’t wrong. When you only know three answers out of 30 questions, you end up zooming through the exam at lightning speed.

Time Management Is Important


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When you’re away at school and living without your parents to direct your every move, it’s important to have time management skills. Your days are probably going to be jammed packed with school, cry time, and more cry time.

If you know that you’re going to have a mental breakdown, make sure that you schedule it in. Many people find that a scheduled cry is much more effective and productive than a simple “caught me off guard” mental breakdown.

Time Doesn’t Exist In College

4-30 in the morning

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You don’t actually realize this until you leave college, but time really doesn’t exist. While most adults are working a 9-5, college kids don’t even start their day until 5. Most of them are having lunch at midnight and dinner at 5 in the morning.

When you’re creating your class schedule, you might as well not put any classes on Fridays and nothing before 2pm on every other day. You won’t be going to anything else.

Finals Week Is A Grind

university in the nutshell

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When you have 17 different things due in three days, it’s nearly impossible to remember everything. Let’s be honest, most essays don’t get started until the night before they’re due anyway.

If you can somehow get reminded of it the day before, you’re golden. There’s nothing that an all-nighter will not fix. Plus, the added desperation and motivation to get the essay done will probably add a lot of, uh, substance to your writing.

Treat Yourself


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It’s very important to treat yourself when you’re at college. You don’t want to be stressed out the entire time. It’s very easy to do, but you should find time to make sure that you heal your mind.

For example, when you start an essay three days before it’s due, you should treat yourself. Or, if you write your name and the title on the introduction page, that’s grounds for at least a few drinks in celebration.

They Should Be Illegal

morning lecture

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I don’t know who thought that sending college kids to learn in the mornings was a good idea, but they should be fired. As I said, no class before 2 pm should be mandatory. These kids are feeling the effects of four hours of sleep, none of which was in REM.

There have to be studies out there that show how morning classes aren’t nearly as effective in actually teaching their students. Someone, please find them. We’re desperate.

Stress Sleep

have to do this assignment

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You’ve never truly had a stress sleep until you get to college. It the nap that you absolutely shouldn’t be taking but your body won’t let you do anything else. It’s the nap that feels the best. It’s the nap that you wake up four hours later and feel even worse than you did before.

They’re addicting. Why? Well, they’re the easy way out. For those few hours, you’re completely peaceful and don’t have to worry about the inevitable seven essays due the next day.

Multi-Tasking Is The Solution To Every Issue

struggle being college

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The kids who are successful in their journey through college are the ones who can multi-task like no other. There are many kids who just go out and don’t do any work, which results in them failing. On the other hand, there are kids who just stay in and never have any fun because they’re so stressed about school.

You need to find a happy medium. This girl is perfectly showing us how that’s done.

"It’s Just My Camera, Sorry"

pictures for your grades

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Your parents are probably going to want a picture of your grades. It’s going to happen so get used to it. So, if they aren’t very good, you have to come up with an excuse that will exempt you from angry parents.

One of the best ways to do that is by claiming your phone camera is “broken.” No, it’s not broken, and no, it’s never broken. But, it’s a great excuse. This is a perfectly pulled off picture of someone’s grades.

Sometimes You Have To Admit Defeat

I can't buddy


There WILL come a time in your college career where everyone looks like they have their stuff together, and you feel like you don’t. Everyone is excited to get exams over with, and you want to rewind time as far away from finals week as possible.

You don’t have to hide this feeling, in fact, most students are feeling the same way. Look no further than this sign that tells you everything you need to know about how someone is feeling.

Nothing Comes Easy

ford this t-shirt


College is very weird. It’s a place where none of the people who go are actually making any money, yet the prices on everything are sky high. Like, good luck finding a branded college sock for anything less than $50.

This kid is in his junior year and he was finally able to save up and buy a t-shirt to wear to the football game on Saturday. We’re very proud of you, kid.

Everything Is A Blur

megan starting process

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When you get to college, your life is in shambles. Yes, it’s a lot of fun and the first week you don’t really have to do anything, but after that, it’s game over.

You’re going to be swimming in stress and textbooks that you’ll never open. This freshman has so much on the go that she sent the wrong assignment to her professor and it’s not only hilarious, but it’s incredibly relatable.

Rationing Is A Mandatory Skill


Twitter / @meganbzz_8

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone who’s been in college that having to ration food and money is no easy feat. Have you ever had to make a can of tomato soup last you three days? No? Well surprise, you’re probably going to have to do it in college.

Even worse, have you ever had to make a bottle of wine last you three nights out? Ugh, the pain.

It’s A Rip Off

college books

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There are two sides to this story that we have to go through. First of all, you can kind of understand that most students want all of their money back on a textbook that they opened once to the table of contents and then never opened again.

On the other hand, what’s the point of buying someone’s used textbook if it’s going to cost you only a few cents less?

Resource Management Is Key

you have no idea

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All aboard the struggle bus, please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. When you’re living as a student, you need to learn how to manage the resources around you. Whether it’s using textbooks as a TV stand (like we’ve seen before) or using soda bottles as cups and bowls — you do what you have to do.

There’s no room to spend more money where you don’t have it.