World War 3 Is Currently Being Fought Between Old People And Social Media And It’s Outrageous

It’s always wonderful to see old people trying to keep up with technology. We have to give them credit for trying, but man oh man, sometimes it looks like a battle out there. There are tons of grandparents who spend way too much time on social media, and most of them have no idea what they’re doing.

From posting what was supposed to be a private message on their public page to not understanding EVERYONE can see their comments under a picture, they certainly have their struggles. World War 3 is currently being fought between these social platforms and your grandparents. This article is giving you a sneak peek into what ground zero looks like, and let me warn you, it’s not pretty.

A Grandma’s Intuition

is he there


There’s nothing wrong with a grandma who is just checking in on her grandson. She didn’t want to call the local store, she wanted the entire corporation to know that her son was coming in. It’s actually quite brilliant networking on her part.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it in because of his poke bugs, which in millennial terms means he was out catching Pok√©mon. In his defense, catching that Charmander is probably more important.

But, But, But HOW?

i hate rihanna

Reddit / fl4meingo

Okay, this is an unpopular opinion, but how can you hate Rihanna? Not only does she put out banger after banger, but she sticks to her music and isn’t annoying on social media. Geraldine is giving the right life advice here. Tara shouldn’t be mean to the superstar who will never care, nor see this opinion.

Tara is definitely one of those weird people who still leave comments under celebrity pictures thinking that they actually see them.

Public Service Announcement

please remove her from life

Reddit / mal088

This person isn’t wrong about the fact that dead people’s profiles should be removed. It’s very weird to see someone who has passed away keep popping up on your timeline as "people you should say hi to."

This grandma is making sure that EVERYONE is aware her friend has died and to not wish her a happy birthday on Facebook because it’s kind of creepy. I don’t blame her one bit.

Holly Created Alexa

facebook please

Reddit / spiceypumpkin

Ladies and gentlemen, we have to take in this very special post for a second. This is the sequence that actually inspired the creation of the Amazon Alexa. It’s crazy where inspiration can come from. Nobody thought that the Alexa could be traced back to a grandma trying to command Facebook like a robot to post her Christmas pictures.

Holly should be propped up as the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey.

What An Incredible Sequence Of Events

gramda poo stains

Reddit / Sue_Flay1

Grandmas and cell phones are going to be battling it out for decades to come. This granny is texting her grandson thinking that he’s Google and it couldn’t be funnier.

She has a legitimate question, though. There’s no “How-To” guide or book that tells you the best way to remove poo from a rug. If she ended up getting the answer, could she send it over my way? I’m merely asking for a friend.

The Sun Better Reschedule

solar eclipse

Reddit / Swagnasty15

Your grandma might have some pretty unrealistic requests from you, like calling four times a day. If it were up to her, you’d be constantly on the phone with her and she’d love every second of it.

In this case, this grandma is literally asking the sun to reschedule the solar eclipse so that all the kids can see it. This is the most wholesome picture I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope the sun paid attention.

TMI Grandma, TMI

grandma (2)

Reddit / blowbird

Your grandma just wants the best for you and sometimes she can take it way too far. If you don’t have a girlfriend of a boyfriend and you’re over the age of 16, she thinks you need help. She’ll probably hit you with a “back in my day we were married by the time we were 14.”

In this case, she decided that she would work as a wing-woman and pick up girls for her grandson. It looked like it worked out.

Go Get Em Grandma

Green Giant

Reddit / istva

If Green Giant thinks that they’re going to just walk over this grandma with their filthy celery, they have something coming to them. She’s going to hit them with the power of a Facebook comment so hard that they won’t even know what hit them.

As you can see, Green Giant did apologize for their filthy celery, but that wasn’t good enough for Jo Ann, who has had to put many minutes into running said celery under her tap.

Here A Truck, There A Truck, Everywhere A Truck Truck

truck truck

Reddit / anonymouspipline

There’s nothing funnier than seeing an old person struggle with their keyboard. It’s really weird for young people to have to imagine what is going through someone like Chuck’s head when they spell their name wrong on Facebook.

It’s almost as if the backspace button doesn’t exist to old people and it’s amazing. They type as if they’re speaking and they’ll even include, like Chuck here, their dialogue while screaming at the computer screen.

Ask The Hard Hitters While She’s Eating

passed away

Reddit / IRondog245

This is actually an interesting strategy to have, and it’s going to be something that I might consider using in the future. Look, asking someone how their dying loved one is will never be easy. There will never be a good time to do it, so you have to find the split second that they’re the most cheerful.

This person is eating a delicious breakfast sandwich and there’s no better time to ask the hard-hitting questions.

Coconut Oil On Everything

cocnut oil

Reddit / Grace-Maree

Grandparents have remedies that seem to fix everything. You can be sick with the flu and they’ll make you drink squirrel pee with a hint of raspberries because "they used to do that in the war" and it’ll actually work.

The grandma is telling her friend that by applying coconut oil to her Facebook account, she should be able to log out. I’m all in on this remedy and I hope it works.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I'm not catholic

Reddit / arronstothart

This mom went full accidental savage mode. This conversation almost reminded me of something you’d see on the PETA Facebook page. If you’ve never been, you need to go. They’ll post a picture of a cow that has the caption “cows have feelings too.”

The comments on the video will be from old white men saying stuff like ” the cow’s feelings don’t compare to the steak I ate last night.” Now we know this mom’s favorite sandwich, which is great news.

Never Been, But I Can Assume

hve been there

Reddit / prednisoloneace

Can you imagine being someone who goes to a restaurant and then actually reviews it on the internet? Who are these people and what are they doing with their lives? Now, can you imagine NOT going to a restaurant and STILL giving it a one star despite never being there?

Pam is an absolute savage. She’s making it known that she absolutely doesn’t plan on ever stepping foot in that establishment.

This Is A Problem

personal problems

Reddit / Spongybutt

If you have divorced grandparents, you know that this is all too common. Bitter divorcees are not interested in seeing you brag about ruining your life on social media. This grandpa has had enough and decided he needed to speak out.

He’s sick and tired of people publicly showing off their marriage when EVERYONE knows they aren’t going to be together in the next two years. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Their Profile Pictures Are Next Level

grandma's profile pictures

Reddit / hamb0ne

If you have your grandparents on Facebook, you know this to be true. Let me guess, your grandpa’s picture is a close up double chin shot in a poorly lit room? Okay, well the same angle and room might go for your grandma, but she also might throw in something like this.

This is literally a grandma’s profile picture. It’s kind of inception-esque with the whole picture of a picture thing going on.

Can Someone Get Joan The Banana Bread?

banana bread

Reddit / yumyum2222

If your grandma doesn’t make a good banana bread, is she actually your grandma? It’s almost as if they are forced to go to banana bread school as soon as their first grandkid pops out. Joan is freaking out on Facebook after she misplaced her recipe and we don’t blame her.

She’s not only inquiring about the recipe, but she’s begging for the recipe. She even commented on her own status just doubling up on the banana bread.

Just A Quick FYI McDonald’s


Reddit / NexXus88

Some grandparents just need to have their problems known. This grandpa was looking for any outlet to express how he feels about McDonald’s and their cheery attitude for the morning.

While they might be enjoying their coffee, this grandpa is having to fend off a virus on his computer that he probably has had since the LimeWire days. Anyone who had LimeWire and compromised their computer’s wellbeing knows what I’m talking about.

You Know What She Meant


Reddit / ewolamme

I love how old people spellcheck themselves in real time. Like, this grandma obviously knew she misspelled the word “ottoman” the first time, but she decided not to delete it.

This is a power move. It shows that she’s aware of her surroundings and it basically fends off any potential scammers. No scammer is going to try to mess with someone who has the audacity and confidence to spellcheck themselves on the advertisement.

That’s A Fair Question


Reddit / CluelessShoe

Again, living in the mind of an old person while trying to maneuver on Facebook must be incredibly hilarious. Can we all just do it for a day? This guy is completely misreading the headline and it’s sending him for a loop.

Honestly, try to read that headline with the understanding that an "Uber" actually ate someone. It will send you on a bit of a loop that you won’t be able to get out of.

That Went From 0-100 Granny



Another day, another accidental mishap with grandma and technology. There are very few rules that EVERYONE should follow no matter what. One of them is to overuse chapstick, and the other is to stay away from anything erotic with grandma.

I would pay money to be the fly on the wall when this granny finds out that instead of saying goodbye to her grandson, she actually sent him an adult, uh, film website.