Man Erects A Giant 7 Ft... uh.. Wooden... Statue On His Front Yard, No Pun Intended

Man Erects A Giant 7 Ft... uh.. Wooden... Statue On His Front Yard, No Pun Intended

It's made of wood!

You know how sometimes you think, 'Hey! Let's erect a giant phallic symbol on my front yard?' No? Well, one guy thought so and did it too. As reported by WNYT, Jamie Gagne, a resident of Wilton was arrested after he erected this statue and the neighbors complained (What a bunch of losers!). 

His workshop - Image Source: Screengrab (WNYT/News Channel 13)

The incident happened after he was embroiled in a dispute with the city planning authorities over the plans for his workshop. They said that his workshop wasn't up to the code and also imposed an order to stop the workshop from being built. Needless to say, Jamie didn't like the order one bit.

Image Source: Screengrab (WNYT/News Channel 13)

Speaking with WNYT, Jamie said: "I just want to live in peace and finish my workshop." He said that he was willing to comply with the orders and make the necessary changes to his plans but the city authorities would not return his communication. He, then, had to take matters into his own hands (get it?). 

He encouraged people to click pics - Image Source: Screengrab (WNYT/News Channel 13)

And to take revenge, he carved a pine tree in the shape of a penis and put it smack on everyone's face to see. He proudly presented his craft and of course, the neighbors complained. Some, however, did see the funny side and laughed while passing by and Jamie encouraged many to take pictures of his wood, the statue. 


The state troopers showed up on his door later and charged him with a public display of offensive sexual material. Jamie, however, disagrees. He said: "It's just a giant piece of wood. You think about going to a park and there's a statue of a little boy peeing or there's a marble statue of a bare-breasted woman." Damn! He had it all figured out, didn't he?


He is going to fight against the charges to let the erection remain. Jamie said: "This is a clear First Amendment right. One person is offended versus dozens of people that were complimenting me." Fair enough! 

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