Man Gives Funny Voiceover to Animals in Videos and It's a Laugh Riot

Man Gives Funny Voiceover to Animals in Videos and It's a Laugh Riot
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @klr_productions

Do you ever think about what is going on inside the mind of your pets? Do you wonder what that zebra on National Geographic might have been thinking as it strolled the savannah? Or maybe, you just want to know which one of your dogs tore the sofa cushion after you return from work? While we were wondering about the way the brains of these animals might work, @klr_productions was busy giving these animals a voice of their own, literally. With 11 million combined followers over various social media platforms, this creator has been dubbing animals in silly or dramatic situations for quite some time now. The voiceover work is so accurate that it just might make you forget about the human behind the voice of these cute animals and their antics.


We have collected 25 of the funniest videos of animals in overtly dramatic situations being voiced by this talented creator, which are guaranteed to make you chuckle.


1. Just a regular day in Australia mate!


2. Cat vs. the pillar



3. Thou shall not pass


4. Kitty Chiropractor in service 



5. Mommy kitty lost her mind?



6. A doggo with table manners


7. No horsing around with a dangerous kitten in town



8. Not everybody is as enthusiastic as Lenny


9. The bullock wasn't playing around



10. Cats on skateboards are a menace


11. Poor Haroomba looks sad


12. If Harry Potter was about cats


13. Staring down the face of death like:


14. Just a normal day in Florida perhaps


15. Love this version of Star Wars


16. Civil war of bats for a banana


17. Tonka doesn't wanna play


18. Existential crisis of a panda


19. First day at a job is like:


20. Fluffy little demons


21. The dog wants to skate too


22. Do they actually know the password?


23. A Jeff Bezos enthusiast it seems


24. Curious kitten and the milk dispenser


25. When the catnips hit hard


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 Man gives funny voiceover to animals in viral videos