Man Pressed Charges Against His Meth Dealer For Selling Bad Quality Stuff

Man Pressed Charges Against His Meth Dealer For Selling Bad Quality Stuff

Talk about the consumer rights!

An informed consumer is not good for business, be it real estate or methamphetamine. One aware consumer of the drug took matters into his hands and decided he had had enough of his dealer's BS when he reported to the cops that the meth he had was not of sound quality. As reported by NY Post, told the officers at Putnam County Sheriff’s Office that he had 'violent reaction' after smoking the meth he had bought just a week earlier, requesting the authorities to take a look at the product.

Douglas Peter Kelly (Putnam County Sheriff’s Office)

The department official shared his concerns with the public on their Facebook post where they wrote: "The suspect said he believed because of the ‘violent reaction’ he had after smoking the drug, he was sold the wrong narcotic. Kelly told detectives in the drug unit he wanted the substance tested because he wanted to ‘press charges’ on the person who sold him the wrong narcotic."

Representational Image (Unsplash)


Talk about the right of a consumer! The cops asked Kelly to come down to the station with the product so that they could have a closer look at it and as dumb as this man could be, it came there with a sample wrapped in an aluminum foil. He was arrested for possession and was put behind bars with $5,000 for bail. He was later released but his desire to bring the bad seller to justice remained. He insisted on pressing charges still but so far no reports have emerged on the follow-up.

GettyImages-1091749412/ D-Keine

The police department took a hilarious dig at the incidence and posted on their Facebook page: "Remember, our detectives are always ready to assist anyone who believes they were misled in their illegal drug purchase." Now, that's called a supportive police force that does not discriminate between people who have been wronged! 

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