Man Takes Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend and Stepbrother In The Most Ridiculous Manner

Man Takes Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend and Stepbrother In The Most Ridiculous Manner

AKA he just hit a jackpot on revenge

Getting cheated on sucks, its worse when its with you're own stepbrother. That's exactly what happened with Reddit user 68W_Doc but he wasn't going to let it go so easily. 


The user first gave a little background before getting to the revenge part, he wrote, "I work for a company where I travel alot with my stepbrother and a few months ago I convinced my girlfriend to hop on with us. We have a long chain of command but I am their direct boss. This job also drug tests."


He then gets to the incident or the main story as he calls it, "My girlfriend joined up with us and was able to complete 2 jobs (each job site being 3 months long) with us. I noticed something off with her halfway through the first job. She was constantly going over to my stepbrothers hotel room to smoke weed with him ( I don't do that so she couldn't smoke with me). After the completion of the first job I knew something was definitely going on and confronted her about it. She brushed it off as me being jealous."


His suspicions prove to be true, "A few days ago she was forced to tell the truth or her best friend would tell me. She had been cheating on me with multiple different guys at each job site, one of them being my stepbrother."


He then gets to the best part of the story, the revenge, "As soon as I heard this i began seeing red. I instantly started plotting my revenge. I called up my boss and told them that my ex-girlfriend and my stepbro lied on their drug test. They were retested and failed. Both of them lost their jobs. Next I left an anonymous tip to the police about their less than legal habits (lone star state carries a heavy penalty/fine for this stuff). They got busted and charged with a misdemeanor."


Things get worst, "Now for the finale. I informed her family of her actions and they completely shut her out (they liked me more). Now they are both thousands of miles from home, with no job, no money, she can't afford the payments on her brand new car, a criminal charge, and she has nowhere to go home to."


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