Man Talks Dirty To His Girlfriend Whose Phone Was Connected To Car's Bluetooth, Regrets Instantly

Man Talks Dirty To His Girlfriend Whose Phone Was Connected To Car's Bluetooth, Regrets Instantly

Rookie mistake!

Talking dirty is a fine art but should be practiced with the knowledge of complete privacy. One man, however, went all Hugh Hefner on his girlfriend only to realize that she was in her room but her phone was connected to the car's speaker and her mother was in the car. Yeah! It's exactly as awkward a situation as you can imagine!

The man wrote on Reddit: "So this just happened like 30 minutes ago and I’m still kinda freaking out about it but here goes: My girlfriend lives really far away so when we both get into the mood sometimes, we’ll talk dirty to each other. This helps both of us and it’s usually really fun. However, we’ve gotten so used to doing that we didn’t realize that those kind of things aren’t normal for conversations."


He writes: "30 minutes ago, my girlfriend was going to bed and I was telling her goodnight and we were just joking around when she asked me what I thought about her body. I said something along the lines of “Your body is so hot that I can’t wait to just pick you up, toss you on the bed, and fuck the life out of you”. I thought it would get a laugh out of her but for some reason, she didn’t hear anything I said and I had to repeat myself." Smooth, right?


But here comes the twist. He wrote: "What I didn’t realize was that her mom was in her car and my girlfriends phone connected and her mom heard me. She came barging into the room and told my girlfriend to get off the phone with me. When she called me back, she told me what had happened. She told her mom that I was talking about what a friend had told me but I don’t think her mom bought it." Of course, she didn't!


And finally the dread: "I haven’t met her parents yet, and I’m supposed to be going to visit her and meet them in a couple weeks." Well, all the best with that buddy, maybe you can change your identity and move to another country.

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