These 25 Memes Will Help You Relive Your Hilarious Student Days | “Waking up From My 5-Min Study Nap 5 Hours Later”

These 25 Memes Will Help You Relive Your Hilarious Student Days | “Waking up From My 5-Min Study Nap 5 Hours Later”
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Humor State University

Student life is probably one of the most bittersweet phases of our existence. Everything seems somewhat chaotic and perplexing but it offers some great moments of enjoyment. There is never a dull moment when we are students. Staying up all night studying for exams, navigating through the maze of assignments and notes, building and maintaining friendships—there's a lot on a student's plate. Student life has hence served as the basis for countless memes and jokes over the years. So if you're a student or looking to relive some of the funniest moments of your academic years, the Facebook page, Humor State University is the right place for you. Buckle up and laugh at the 25 best of the best memes which perfectly sum up our years as a student.


1. The first question is always the worst



2. The deceitful question papers


3. And we still score 0



4. Nothing more inspirational than the due date


5. Guessing our question papers were different



6. Why do the covers look like that?



7. Delaying everything willingly


8. The crowd makes everyone nervous



9. Friends are the best teachers


10. Suddenly we are transported to a different century



11. Group assignments are actually solo projects



12. They are just babies


13. The last-moment workload hits hard


14. The happiness is unparalleled


15. It is so irritating


16. We need frequent breaks to stay alive


17. Time flies mysteriously


18. Why do the test papers always confuse us?


19. The three brain cells are useless


20. There goes the precious diploma


21. Always believe in your dreams


22. Food is a great motivation as well


23. It's like hitting a jackpot


24. We wonder what our classmates are doing up late


25. Giving credit to the only person who worked


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