27 Terrified Tweets by Parents Going Through the Hell of Raising Teens | “I Did Not Sign Up for This Lmao”

27 Terrified Tweets by Parents Going Through the Hell of Raising Teens | “I Did Not Sign Up for This Lmao”
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Being a parent is difficult and but navigating through life with kids who are growing up is even more challenging. We have stumbled upon a bunch of woeful tweets by parents of teenagers who are ranting about the difficulties of raising their teenage offspring. If you think that handling your kid in their toddler phase was difficult, then think twice because you will be baffled to deal with teens who refuse to listen to you. So scroll through the memes and have fun laughing sympathetically at the misery of parents dealing with rebellious teenagers or relating hard if you happen to be a teen parent yourself.


1. Must be embarrassing



2. Always misplacing every small item


3. No conversation is complete without your teen asking for money



4. They are not ashamed to announce the wildest things


5.  When you start eating out fo frustration



6. They are just checking the hike in their heights



7. No more midnight snacks for parents either


8. They get irritated really quick



9. Hoodie is the trend of every season


10. Teens will do anything to avoid doing chores



11. No money, no conversation



12. Teens don't need punctuation


13. They just want to avoid any kind of confrontation


14. Suggestions from their parents are irrelevant 


15. Their definition of getting bored is weird


16. Snacking on their bed is a common habit


17. No worries about school either


18. Toddler parents need to prepare for the worst


19. Complains are mandatory


20. There is no hope at all


21. Ain't nobody got time to chill 


22. Nobody signs up for it but they still have to raise one


23. Have fun with another day of struggle


24. They are basically glued to their phone


25. Morning for teenagers starts at twelve


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 Memes showing the hilarious realities of raising a teenager