25 Dark Memes to Make You Recall Your History Lessons in the Funniest Possible Way

25 Dark Memes to Make You Recall Your History Lessons in the Funniest Possible Way
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The is no end to learning, and as long as we live, we can continue to gain knowledge in different subjects and about various aspects of life. Take history, for example. The subject is not only about important dates and events but there are fascinating stories around the facts. We become self-aware by learning about the past and wish to create a better society free of past mistakes. But history might bore some of us, so we have collected 25 memes to give you a quick history lesson with a dash of laughter. Well, we don't all need to become history experts but its good to know the basics. So get ready to learn about the dark times from the past through these memes. We are sure they will make you sigh in relief for being alive in a different century. 


1. Life is hard these days



2. Must sacrifice more children for better crops


3. Only wealthy people could afford pineapple



4. Alcohol is the solution to every pain


5. The court jesters were blessed people



6. Thank god that didn't happen



7. One war ends and another begins


8. They still use it to make tunnels though



9. Time to colonize


10. Wearing more makeup than women



11. Time to break the Berlin Wall



12. Get branded as a witch


13. They lived a chill life


14. He only preferred iron sight 


15. Americans and Soviets carried the victory on their backs


16. Attack of the zombies


17. Samurai flexing their skills


18. It just doesn't make sense


19. When the past is worse than present


20. Brutus got no justification


21. Never underestimate the vets


22. Must look good before conquering


23. They simmered down


24. They should have checked the horse


25. Drops a nuke instead


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